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Rescue in Felarya
Part 7 of 8

- What this mean? - Indiana ask, with his archaeological curiosity aroused.
- For centuries many people,from archaeologists as you until greedy looters come here facing the danger of being eaten by predators, to scan or steal the ruins. Nevertheless, no one knows when Ur-Sagol was founded and the people who were raised native of Felarya, or if they came from some other world. Above all, no one could figure out how and by whom it was destroyed.
It has been the target of the wrath of some deity? None god or goddess spot left any statement about it to their worshipers. They were attacked by some powerful army? There was a civil war between two or more factions? A deadly epidemic decimated the population, before a cure was discovered? Its inhabitants built some wonderful invention that when running for the first time had a critical failure, and killed everyone? Nobody has found evidence to confirm or deny any of these hypotheses. I remember that when I was in college, a professor of ancient history have said that the Greek philosopher Plato described the island of Atlantis in detail in two books, whose names I forgot.
- One of the books is called Timaeus and the Nature.The other, Critias and Atlantis.
- Well Doctor Jones,those unfortunate city hadn´t a gifted writer to reveal its genesis, do an ode to their glory days and finally,a narration about how was the fall to future generations.
- And how will we find the Gate Dimensional into a ghost town?
- The gate is not within Ur-Sagol, but its surroundings. As I said, Kensha beasts often wander here and a giant naga called Jissy live within the city. But we're lucky. Today Jissy is absent, and the beasts Kensha too.
- How do you know that?
- A recognition of the area was made while you were still asleep. Kai will accompany us until near the gate, in the event of appearing some harpy or fairy.
Indian puts the bags on his shoulders and starts walking with Randall at his side. And then, when they are close to the tower, to Kai, saying:
- At last the time has come to say goodbye, Sir Ross. I know how this return to her world is important, but I will miss our conversations. How much would have been different if I had been the first giant naga found to reach Felarya!
- All right, my friend. - Randall says turning and looking up - I wish I could render his help in the final stage of our trip with beautiful jewelry and expensive clothes, but this is beyond my possibilities. Then I'll talk about something I discovered recently. Basin Jungle is a small town that grew around a Dryad named Cypress, which is the only of its kind in that place and protects all locals. The only meat she eats is the giant swamp snakes. I believe that if you approach carefully, declare their good intentions cypress and not try to change the power it can also stay in place, strengthening the protection of people and thus have I ever wanted: to live among humans who do not They will be afraid to see her.
- That would be wonderful Oh Mr. Ross! I love to hug you, but you're too small.
- I would also like to give you a hug Kai, but you are too many big!
The man and the giant naga laugh. Then the FBI agent makes an unusual request: - It could be lower and closer to your face?
The naga giant considers it odd, but obeys. So Randall kisses her on the lips. The naga stands in a sudden movement, putting his hands in the face at the same time that blushes like a teenager after receiving the first kiss, saying:
- Oh Mister Ross! Besides a gentleman, you’re also a philanderer!
The scene is so moving and fun to Indiana to forget his phobia for a few moments, before waving good-bye. So, Indiana notices two harpies approaching. Randall also sees them and says:
- Relax, Doctor Jones. Those harpies will not attack us.
- Why are you so sure?
Randall points to the tower, saying:
- Because if they do, that tower will hit them with lightning, which although not fatal, it is quite painful! None monster girl dare get close because of this defense system. We are safe, and that pair of harpies know this.
They soon reach a black granite circle with five yards in diameter. The device's simplicity makes Indiana disappointed.
- Are you sure this is going to send us back to Earth?
- Absolute! Now, close your eyes and do not open until I talk, okay?

Indian obeys.
- Think in the lobby of time, in a place a few meters before the gate that went through to come to Felarya. Have you done that?
- Yes, I did Ross agent. - He replies, before hearing a faint popping, as if a piece of pottery had broken.
- Now, you just want to be there.

Moments later, the two harpies (A bright green hair with) wings and legs covered with blue feathers, the other with green eyes, brown hair legs and arms with ocher feathers were moving away at high speed Ur-Sagol while waging a tense dialogue about what they had seen minutes before:
 - That damn vegetarian deprived us of two human tastes delicious! - Says the brown hair.
- Yeah, it's really despicable! - Responds to another - But what bothers me were the weird things just happen!
- What are you talking about?
- First we saw two men arrive at Dimensional Gate. We were circling, and let's look at the only gate for a moment.Then looking back,we saw three human, because a green clothes woman had joined them. Where did she come from?
- She had gotten by Gate.
- But because someone comes through the gate to join two people who were there and then all go away together? It makes no sense!
- Well, at least we hadn´t a misfortune such as Belletia and Mako!
- What happened to them?
- You don´t know yet? It seems that them ate something not very healthy. Since yesterday  howling in pain all the time! Nobody in one mile range around their nest can sleep or rest quiet because of the scandal that those two are doing!
- Crisis and Ana should be among the most boring!
- Ana yes, but Crisis not because she taking care of Vivian that are ill in Chordoni, but I haven´t information on the cause.
- So let's tell! Crisis hate Belletia and Vivian always likes to know about news!

The two harpies fly as fast as possible to Chordoni and land in front of Vivian cave. The green-haired harpy says aloud:
- Hey Vivian!How are...
But to them listen is a cry of pain and then, the angry voice of Vivian saying:
- W-was an accident! The voice of harpy distracted me!
- I-I had never seen that damn fruit before! I did not know it was dangerous! That also was an accident!
Sensing danger, the two harpies take off, soaring to 300 foots high, which see Crisis get out in a sprint, with Vivian behind, saying:
- PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEE! - Exclaims the blonde naga, increasing her speed.

And while the angry purple naga make a terrible scene in Chordoni, a universe away from Felarya, in the world called Earth, the Caribbean island of Cuba, a drama that begun at the time of World War II was nearing its conclusion.

Indiana Jones listens to the voice of the travel partner, saying:
- You can open your eyes, Doctor Jones.
Archaeologist follows and looks around. The old temple was the same as before he crossed the portal: Dusty and cobwebs.
- We are back to the temple in Cuba! A warm place, but no girl-monster around to try to eat!
- Yes, they are all very, very far from here.
- Can I open the bags now?
- Wait a little bit more. Before, I have to destroy this temple. Ianberos Lord told me the places that I reach with my bursts to cause a chain reaction that will end this place once and for all!
- What? Are you crazy? This place is a priceless relic!
- And also a trap. If you keep intact, others can cross the portal and go to Felarya, a world full of deadly dangers. Whatever else has the same misfortunes you, but not is around someone like me to help?
- You're right. But as an archaeologist, I cannot help but mourn the loss of a historical monument.
- As a law enforcement officer, I don´t like to practice vandalism, but in this case I know that I haven´t other option. Now go up the hill, Doctor Jones. A friend of mine will be waiting for you. Obey her instructions. And do not worry if you do not catch sight of me walking out the door of time. I can assure you'll be fine. Again, Indiana gets confused with the words that he had heard, but obeys. Go down the stairs and get on the ground below to see a blond woman with a green dress looking at him and waving. When it comes where she is, the woman points to an area devoid of vegetation, two hundred meters from where they were and says:
- Go to the place. Here it is unsafe. Indian logo is in place indicated that was the size of three tennis courts with some flat stones rising above ground level. From there, you look at the valley where the temple door seemed tiny because of the distance. But the stillness is short-lived, because soon hear a similar roar with thunder, which did not fit with the fine day and only with white clouds. Then the slope slides, covering the entrance of the temple under tons of earth. Rusted carcasses of the two cars, too close to the edge of the valley, fall in it and also disappear without a trace. But Indiana Jones is stricken, because he had not seen Randall leave.
- Where are the agent Ross? - He asks, standing up in the jeep. - Is he well?
But who answers is not the blond woman. The archaeologist hears a familiar voice behind them.
- Yes, you can say this, doctor Jones.
Indiana is perplexed, because between the door of the temple to where the jeep was the half mile away!
- How did you get here?
- Soon you will know everything, Doctor Jones. Jeep exit take the bags in the back, sit on a rock and pour everything inside of them on the ground. Indiana does what Randall had asked, but when the first bag contents spreads in reddish earth, it takes a shock: in the midst of a lot of dry moss, there were human bones!
Examining the bones more closely. He realizes he were a woman. There was also a rectangular brooch of silver coated with transparent glaze, showing two snakes entwined in opposite directions, forming a S. He identifies it as the symbol of Loki, the Norse god of lies and trickery. In another bag male bones, but with the basin and four broken ribs.
Randall begins to speak:
- In April 1943 I and my team received the task of capturing a woman suspected of being Nazi spy, known only by the codename of Lorelai, who was stealing top secret information from an unknown mode. We followed her to Cuba but she left the hotel where she was staying twenty minutes before our arrival. I rented a car and started a chase that reached to the vicinity of that temple.
Woman speaks:
- My real name is Brigitte Hebbel and was born in Germany. As a teenager, I found I could fathom the mind of others, since it had some kind of physical contact: kiss, hug or even a simple handshake. Also could move objects with the power of the mind, since it weighed four kilograms at most. And despite having used this skill to play tricks on some enemies and get good test scores, I did not like my special ability. But after Hitler came to power, it did not take to his spy agency, the Abweher found out about me. And you can be sure Doctor Jones: When Abweher told someone to join them; the only way to stay alive was say "yes."
Under intense training, my telepathic abilities and telekinetic have been enhanced to the maximum. Then came the day I was instructed to go to America for secret information, using the false name of Brigitte Hervart. Before my bosses ordered use my telepathic abilities to learn English as well as Spanish, because I could would enter the United States through the border with Mexico, where Abweher had sympathizers.
In the United States, it was quite efficient in getting the secret information that Abweher wanted. But although they had few clues about me, the FBI sent his best men to capture me, including Ross agent. Because of the circumstances, my Mexican contacts told me to go to Cuba, where they would board a submarine to Germany. I escaped by a whisker to be captured at the hotel where she was staying, but unlike colleagues, Ross agent managed to get a car, and started chasing me. Hit a tree and see the entrance of the temple, I made a serious mistake: I entered inside.
 After unwittingly I activated that damned portal and entered it. I left in the middle of the Whispers Jungle, where soon a huge naga giant dark blue hair and green eyes and swallowed grabbed me before I saw her. I fell into her stomach where were three victims it floated been killed amid the gastric juice, the level of which should have a meter and a half.
I ran into one of them and felt disgusted to see how the meat is expended. I was beginning to feel the gastric juices starting to burn my skin. I knew it would be impossible to escape from there, but did not want a painful death, slowly being digested alive. Then I saw a short sword that one of those unfortunate people had tried to use to cut the stomach of the naga in a desperate attempt to get out, stuck just above the gastric level. I swam over and picked her up supporting me a stomach tuck. So I crossed my heart with the blade, ending my agony. My soul left the body and I floated like a balloon full of hydrogen, leaving the body of the naga. I not say why, but I felt compelled to follow it and so, I did.
Sometime later, I saw Ross agent walking through the woods, a few hundred meters ahead. I shouted to warn him, but he did not hear my voice. When the naga tried to catch him he hit her hand with his energy burst. The naga cried out in pain, then grabbed him. Perhaps because of the injury, it was cruel and Ross squeezed tightly, before moving her head back and swallows him starting with the legs. Now, I think he can tell better what happened next.
 - When pressed by the naga that Hebbel Miss mentioned had my crushed pelvis, legs and some ribs, and massive internal bleeding. But not so I gave up fighting for my life and into the esophagus I opened my arms to not go sliding down. The naga gasped, putting her hands on her throat tightening to see if I was falling in the stomach or perhaps to spit me, I cannot say. But this was a serious mistake. I remembered the brief period he had studied medicine and school of human anatomy. And the body part of Naga was equal to that of a human. I fired an energy blast that cut the esophagus, reaching the cervical spine. I could hear the guttural sounds of pain from my tormentor who tried to spit me with even more commitment. Except that I was faster and killed her before being expelled. Then she took his hands from his throat, and fell. Hebbel Ross interrupts the narrative to say:
- I'll be candid, Doctor Jones. Was with great satisfaction that I saw the blast of Ross agent out in the back of the neck of the naga, cutting the flesh and the skin like a blowtorch through a metal plate. Then I saw my tormentor drop dead on the ground with a startled look on her face. I believe she went to hell without understanding how she got her end. A few minutes later I saw Ross agent out of the naga´s mouth, which was half open. He trudged with difficulty. It was easy to see that he was mortally wounded, and had left not long to live. I felt a great distress witnessing the scene. The rivalry between our countries doesn´t make sense in Felarya.
 My loyalty oath of loyalty to Hitler had done with my life. And because of that, I felt compelled to help that man to me, was no longer an enemy. I did not know how. Nevertheless, I arrived just near Ross and putting my hands near his head, I wished he would stop feeling pain.
- And worked, Doctor Jones. Miraculously, the terrible pain I was feeling stopped! It was much easier to go to a crack at ground level in a tree before me the place had a funnel shape, and it was spacious enough for a car park there. And that's where I took my last breath.
Indian feel a chill to realize that for several days had make a travel side by side with a ghost! But he represses fear, to continue hearing the incredible narrative.

- Brigitte and I were near the body of the naga, seeing a pack of eight Kensha beasts come to your party. When he saw his body appears, Brigitte did not want him to be devoured and although never built something over four kilograms, tried to lift his body and managed to pass it beneath the Kensha legs, which were unaware of the fact because his attention was focused on the large body of our tormentor. Brigitte put her body next to mine, and used a stone across the entrance hole in the tree.
After that, we were wandering aimlessly. We should have gone to the afterlife, but for some unknown reason, it had not happened.
Days later we saw a neko girl running and screaming through the woods when a huge hand coming from above caught her. It was a naga, who lifted the unfortunate neko to eat it. Brigitte shook me by the arm, asking me to do something. Without thinking I just moved his head from right to left, cutting off the hand of naga who fell to the floor still with the girl stuck between his fingers, while the naga fled, screaming in pain.
 Moment later two men came and tried to open the hand naga, but it was too difficult. It was the time of Brigitte trying to use his telekinesis, and it worked! The neko girl was freed and went along with friends although not understand what had happened. Brigitte and I realized then that we should stay there for some time, using our powers to prevent other people had the same purpose than us. It was unfortunate that I have only perfected the technique that allowed me to kill monster girls with one firing after me, rather than before.

In the case of Brigitte, free from the limitations of your physical body psychic powers it had increased surprisingly: it could lift people or hold them in the air avoiding fatal falls, which sometimes happened when I hit a girl-monster He had raised its prey at a great height. She could also detect thoughts within a radius of hundreds of meters, which was used to alert people that were going down a path where there was a monster girl. Thus saved the lives of many people.
One day, someone told us about the Dimensional Gate and went there to try to use it in order to return to Earth and thereby obtain the final resting that in Felarya in was being denied. But when we try, nothing happened! We were disappointed and confused.
 One day we found Lord Ianberos and talked to him about our problem. After thinking about the matter, it concluded that the solution would be someone else takes our remains to our homeworld, because then we could unite our bones and thus leave Felarya.
 But no inhabitant of Felarya would help us because after reaching the earth would have no way back, as the portal in Cuba was somehow connected to a dimensional gate Felarya, which was defective. Who take us could ever see your new home! The solution was obvious: our savior would have to be someone from the same world as us.

- Lord Ianberos was of invaluable help to us. - Says Brigitte - It was he who warned us about the Felarya of angels and their conducts, eating people or covering for colleagues who do this. They told us that even some start accepting as meal damned souls from the hands of succubus and then, like so much that people begin to hunt themselves. This was a huge shock to me because Randall and the earth, angels are moral purity and integrity of symbols. We could never imagine that somewhere in the universe, could exist so deplorable conduct of angels! As a precaution, we both spent to avoid showing us all Felarya of angels, no exceptions.
Still, Ianberos made preparations to help such a person, even without knowing who would be and when he or she would reach Felarya. He provided the two bags and a rare amulet, which would make it possible for one of us to have a solid body that would be almost normal, but still not in need of rest, food or water.
- One moment,agent Ross! I saw you eat food and drink water several times during our journey!
- All were just illusions created by my telepathic powers. - Responds Brigitte - and have again a solid body was important, because the trip to the Portal would take several weeks, and how ghosts can only be solid for brief periods of time. So, Randall and I waited for another ten years, until you arrived. Luckily for him, Randall identified him as American, saying that all that remained was the US flag sewn on the back of your shirt to make it more obvious.
There, she used my telekinesis to pull him inside Vivian's mouth at the right time, Randall cut a tree branch that hit Vivian in the head and knocked out, jumping in the air and falling into a bush, where he stayed hidden.
 -Why did not kill Vivian, just as he did with the other monster girls?
- I think we can call this a miscalculation, Doctor Jones. - Says Randall. The branch was partially broken perhaps some heavy monster girl  have supported it, but it was so thick, and it seemed so heavy that I believed would crush the skull that purple naga. Unfortunately, I was wrong. But it did not matter in the end because you accepted the terms of my agreement and from there, me and Brigitte began to protect him. I ostentatiously and she as an invisible secret ally, on our side all the time.
- And how she helped during our trip?
- Using my telepathic powers to detect hidden monster girls, as well as other predators nearby. When she found a threat, it transmitted the information telepathically Randall, that he should be the other way. One silver and concave disk, used to destroy the doormat actually floated because of my telekinesis was I who warned about that tonorion who attacked on the first night of the trip. Also put you KO, realizing that you had been so nervous about the attack, I could not sleep again.
Then I began to increase the distance traveled every day. Whenever I go to sleep Doctor Jones I levitated, making a course of an average distance twenty miles every sleep period, while Randall led the way, eliminating any threat. And they were more than you could see.
- What this means?
- How many tonorions do think I killed Dr. Jones? - Asks the FBI agent.
- Only one.
- It's wrong. I killed eight, plus three Kensha beasts. But with the help of Brigitte´s skills, you was a sleep so deep that not even noticed it. It was she who gave me information about the location of dridder that cave whose roof was immersed in darkness, scoured Ur-Sagol and its surroundings to see if there was any threat, but it also helped a lot when that feathered anaconda fell on you.
- How did it help her?
- How long time that you were on the coils those exotic snakes, Dr. Jones? - Brigitte question.
- Only four or five minutes.
- In fact, were three and half hours. You believed to be having a normal conversation with Randall, but each time he asked a question,you took only ten minutes later without notice this because I numbs you mind, that  lost the notion of passage of the time. So ran the covenant between you, Randall and me: we both strive uor best to save your life in Felarya for you rescued our souls from that darmned world, with its cannibalistic monster girls, pagan deities and murderer’s angels or of questionable ethos.
Speaking of angels, it is important to add that the most dangerous moment of his journey was when the giant girl-angel appeared. It was great as a DC-3, with moss-green wings and for the reasons you already know, should have a difficult relationship with others of their kind.
Fortunately for all of us, the vital energy that emanated from that gojira was so intense that the angel girl did not realize you within Manzo bag, as well as Randall and me who took care of flying into the ground looking up to watch the enemy, and synchronizing my speed so as to remain under the feets of monster man.
- I hope you're not offended at being manipulated by us, Doctor Jones - says Randall.
- Not even a little. I was terrified by almost being eaten by Vivian. I cannot even imagine what it would have been my soul consumed by a fallen angel, or taken to some unknown deity who would condemn me to unspeakable torments!
- Could you do me one last favor, Doctor Jones? - Randall question.
- What do you want?
- What light my remains to Vineland? Now you understand why I said that the reunion between me and to my family would not be happy? Twelve years ago they await my return, but I'm sure I will not like to have me back in those conditions. - Indicates the former FBI agent, pointing to his bones. - It will be harder for my wife Jocelyne and my son, Douglas. He was a five-year-old little boy. Now he should be grown-up teen, with high school degree. I could not be by his side during the last twelve years. My daughter Grace even had a chance to know me better, because she was still in diapers the last time I saw her.
I deeply regret, Randall. - Says Brigitte - Everything was my fault! If I had not gone through that portal, he would not have died in Felarya.
- I don´t blame for my death, Brigitte. Who would have thought something so amazing as a magical portal able to send people to another world? In addition, you also died in Felarya,before me!
- Yeah, you're right.Of course if you had caught me, I would go to some American prison, but at least after the war is over, could return to Germany and my home town, Dresden.
- You lived in Dresden? - Indiana says, perplexed.
- Why this surprise you? - Brigitte question - is a beautiful city and also an important cultural milestone in the state of Saxony. Many people to compare to Florence, Italy. So what´s the matter?
Lowering his head in dismay, the archaeologist answers:
- Between 13 and 15 February 1945, Dresden was attacked by hundreds of British and American bombers, under the pretext that it was an important military target with 110 factories, which helped a lot in the Nazi war effort.A extensive part of the town burned to the ground,and  the most part of the civilians died. If your family was there the day of the attack,very likely to have been decimated. I'm so sorry,Miss Hebbel.

The former Nazi spy cries of pain and despair,putting her head on Randall's chest that embraces. When to Brigitte looks angry to Indiana Jones holds up his hands, saying:
- Yes, I fought the Nazis since before World War II started, but did not go to the front line, and although several of my friends have done it, none of them were on planes that attacked their hometown!
Brigitte scours the mind of the archaeologist and says:
- In fact, I can see in your mind that tells the truth. Well, then I can leave my bones in Cuba, or anywhere you want. - Says resignedly - Anything further would be more than a Nazi as I deserve.
- Do not belittle yourself that way, Brigitte - she says Randall lifting her chin with his hand. It is undeniable that you were a spy Hitler's service, and that the information sent to Abweher may have caused the death of others. But it also helped save the lives of many people in Felarya and before the war, did the same for a Jews family!
- You helped a Jewish family escape the Holocaust? - Indian question, even more surprised than the last time.
- I know this is very awesome,but it´s true. When I had ten years old  I became seriously ill and died not only because of a Jewish doctor, Dr. Alon Etinger,who took care of me until my total healing. In 1937,because my psychic powers I discovered the terrible anti-Semitic laws that would soon be approved.So I warned the doctor Etinger to leave the country before that. He was smart enough to believe me and fled to Canada with his family.
- It was a very noble attitude on your part, Miss Hebbel. - Says Indiana Jones.
- Was that enough to keep me burn in hell with Hitler?
Is Randall that answers the question, saying:
- I'm sure that you no will be punished so hard! Keep in mind that you have not had any participation in the Holocaust and in addition to saving the life of a Jewish family, also saved lives in Felarya. For all this, I point to testify in your favor toward God! - Randall says firmly.
- Do you will even do it for me? - Brigitte asks, in astonishment.
- Yes, I'll! - Says the FBI agent – See all that happened on the world since our leaving in 1943: half of Europe, including a piece of Germany under Soviet rule! Communism spreading around the world likes a cancer! Americans and Russians manufacturing bombs put into the hands of men, a destructive power comparable to the wrath of God, threatening the survival of all mankind! In many ways, the Earth has become an even more daunting and dangerous than Felarya. Even if we were still alive, I don´t think there would be place for us here. Our final destination awaits us in another world.
Upon hearing that, Brigitte puts her head on Randall's chest; as if only twelve years after die, she was finally allowing herself begin to relax. Raising his hat in a last salute, Randall says:
- Goodbye, Doctor Jones!
- And one more time, thank you for everything you did for us! - Brigitte adds with a beautiful smile, before vanishing in the air along with the man who in life had been her enemy in life, and that after of the death, had become a friend.

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Rescue in Felarya
Part 5 of 8

- And what does it matter?
- Many people admire J. Edgar Hoover to be righteous and honored that intimidated at nothing and no one, dedicated to comply with the law at all costs, combating criminals, saboteurs and spies. That's true, but as every human being it has their flaws, outsiders are unaware of the FBI.
- What flaws?
- One is the fact of being racist. There are only six black men working in the FBI: four are janitors, a driver of Mr. Hoover and the other, his valet. It does not allow any black becomes agent. The other is to be anti-Semitic and because of that, I fear that the investigation into the theft of the atomic bomb secrets has gone the easy route and not the right path, for the reasons I explained. I will add this, Dr. Jones: When J. Edgar Hoover reach beyond the grave, one of the things I will do to find it is going to be talking in the case Rosenberg, look at my former boss in the eye and ask how he allowed to be influenced by own prejudices as to induce a federal grand jury to believe in delusional fantasies.
Indiana does not understand that comment,but his doubt is clarified by the words Randall says then raising his hands with fingers clenched in anger:
- Janitor spy hidden behind the door! This seems scene from a screwball comedy of the Marx Brothers! I could laugh at this nonsense; the result was not the death of two people in the electric chair! Now, one last question, Doctor: by chance the Rosenberg had children?
- Yes two little boys, called Robert and Michael. Upon execution of the parents they received other names and they were given up for adoption. Of course, their new identities, and the names of the couple who were in charge of both were kept confidential.
- So this file isn´t cold yet. Sure as the sunrise, when these boys become men, they begin a relentless battle to uncover the truth about what happened, and clear the name of the parents.

In the following hours, both remain silent because Indiana Jones realizes that Randall was very upset with what he considered to have been a serious failure of his boss, an important man whom he admired. At the same time it gets a little upset with himself for not having seen the many mistakes made by the FBI in the analysis of the case. The fact that many people have made the same mistake did not ease the feeling. ("How would you have been the outcome of the Rosenberg case, if Randall had been led investigations?")
 They make some snacks while walking, and tension decreases when Randall points to the branch of a plant where there seemed to be several grapes clusters and says:
- See Doctor! Skartala beetles!
Archaeologist approaches and sees that the "grapes" were actually small beetles with one inch long, rounded shape. The smell that came from them was like that of fruit candies. The FBI agent said:
- These beetles have a taste as good as the smell! They are simply delicious! Eat some and see for yourself!
Indiana is recommended, while Randall comments:
- If they were brought to Earth, they would cause a great stir not only because many people would think of them as food, but also by a curious detail that our biologists would soon discover: These small insects do photosynthesis!
- What did this species of beetle is some sort of hybrid between the animal and plant?
- This is a mystery that Felarya experts have yet to unravel. - Randall responds with a shrug.
Indiana eats a handful of beetles and then drinks water. Another day was over and before it gets too dark, they enter a small cave. Randall gets the first watch while the archeologist falls asleep.
 The next day while walking Indiana chooses to talk about the expansion of television networks in the United States and the highest-rated series among children and adults. Another theme is the wave of hysteria, sparked by Senator Joseph McCarthy, obsessed with persecuting Communists allegedly infiltrated the country, causing the ruin of writers career, actors and directors in theater, film and TV countless weddings all due to the audience made of most outrageous way possible. But when Indiana talks about the book "The Seduction of the Innocent" where a psychiatrist Fredric Wertham called had placed the blame youth crime outbreak in the post-war and early 50s in the comics, Randall laughs out loud and says:
- Comic books, turning boys into bandits or gays? This is the most insane thing I've ever heard! Did Wertham wrote his book after falling from a ladder and hit his head on the steps? In my humble opinion, the psychiatrist needs psychiatric treatment! - And I laughed again.
A short time later, they spot an echydin measuring 25 foots tall, looking for them. Indian question:
- Does this one are ...
But before he could finish the question, finds himself in a hot place, damp and dark. And listen to the voice of Randall besides responding:
- Yes Doctor Jones, it is hungry. Worse for him!
The next moment the unicorn rears, whinnying in pain as blue energy blast erupts from inside his belly and starts making a circular motion, cutting flesh and bones as easily as a hot knife through butter. Within the Cannibal equine stomach darkness, Indiana hear a muffled crack, while he feels the Unicorn fall sideways, hitting the ground with a bump.
- What happened? It seems that something struck the animal!
- Let's find out as soon as I finish opening our exit. - Answer Randall, who then opens a hole with three foots diameter. Kicking with both legs, he plays the piece away, goes out and gives his hands to Indiana do the same. Also picks up his own bag while Indiana cut the two he was carrying.
When looking at the echydin corpse, they see that the animal's head had been crushed by a large tree. Randall says:
- Very interesting! This fainting three killed the echydin before me!
- Fainting Tree? What is the reason for this odd name?
- It's because when some noise breaks out nearby, it falls on the sound source. One hour later, it back to vertical position.
- Are you saying that in an hour this tree will be standing again, as if nothing had happened? - Indiana asks, puzzled.
- Yes, but we cannot stay here for the reasons you already know.
- The local predators and their voracious appetite. - Reminds Indiana, while Randall walks around the archaeologist, looking at it and said:
No injuries in you, Doctor Jones! That monster died before his stomach began to produce gastric juices. Oh, and their bags are also intact! Great!
- This seems to be something very important.
- You are right about that.
- But you will not tell me the reason before we are back to Earth, right?
- Yes indeed. It bothers you?
- No, because I agreed to the terms of our agreement. Let's proceed.
- After this unpleasant incident, I would hear mild stuff. Tell me doctor, what the American people are currently walking fun?
Indiana starts talking about the movie stars that emerged after World War II, and the various types of shows shown on television. But what most surprised the FBI agent knows that many of the popular toys among American children came from Japan!
- The Japanese were defeated by us; his country had hit twice by a terrible weapon, and now entertains our children?
- They are a resilient and pragmatic people. Most of their industries were destroyed by our bombers. But make toys do not need skilled labor and raw material could be junk, something plentiful after the war.
- Makes sense. But the Japanese hold no grudge against us?
- Most do not. What they want is to make their country prosperous again. In addition, the devastation caused by the atomic bombs spread a pacifist spirit among the population. No one else cares about warmongering adventures, something that would be almost impossible, not least because the new Japanese constitution prohibits the country from having armed forces. The country now only has a self-defense force to patrol its airspace and territorial waters, but is prohibited from engaging in military actions abroad.
- How the Japanese parliament passed something?
- Do not approve. Our country has imposed a new constitution to them.
- And yet, she was accepted! This is something quite amazing, for a nation whose past is militaristic, filled with attacks on their neighbors.
 A few hours later, they stop walking when he heard crashes rapid strides that made the ground shake some if there was a huge pile drivers coming toward them, amid the sound of women screaming in terror.
- But what's going on? - Indiana question, when it breaks the wooden noise banging against wood and then to a tree falling a few dozen foots ahead of them. Twigs drop a naga with twelve meters high rolling across the floor and slam his back and his head on a tree, leaving stunned. And before she recovers, his pursuer arises, leaving Indiana with the jaw.
Was a monster that looked like a mixture of man with dinosaur, with the body covered with green moss scales and no visible genitals, 150 foots height, and waist in three wooden boxes with slots on the cover. Each box was big enough to fit a Volkswagen Beetle in and was joined by a copper chain. He grabs the naga around the waist and twists his neck just as Indiana had seen his mother do with the chickens for Sunday supper, when he was a child.
- Oh my God! - Exclaims the archaeologist-adventurer. - What is this?
- This beast-man belongs to a race called gojirian, and is the only enemy that giant nagas fear. - Responds Ross, as the monster opens its mouth and swallows the naga dead.
- Quick, do something!
- Relax, Doctor! The gojirian are friends of human beings, and never attack.
- But the way he killed that naga ...
- At least we had a quick death! But I could have done worse things, like pulling her head, making her pieces by hand or chewing like a child makes a candy bar. And you should keep in mind that nagas like that grow up to become giants such as Vivian, who almost ate it. Now, stay calm, do not speak of my superpower or those monster girls I killed. I'll talk to this big guy.
At that moment, the man-monster realizes the presence of the two humans. Ross takes a step forward, takes off his hat and bows saying:
- Greetings,majestic!Can we know your name?
- My name Jira Manzo. And you?
- I'm Randall Ross, and my partner,Indiana Jones.
- Where are you going?
- For Ur-Sagol.
- Using the portal, I presume.
- Yes, you're right, majestic Manzo.
- It's a long journey until there.
- We know that, but despite the dangers, this is the best way.
- Would I like to travel in my company? - Jira question.
- Yes, that would be an honor for us, great.
- Wait while I become their most comfortable accommodation.
Indian and Randall look as the huge man-monster removes leaves from the branches of the fallen tree, opens the box and plays through the leaves. Then kneels and reaches out. Randall rises and Indiana follows. Both men settle in the basket and Manzo starts walking.
- We know the reason for your trip, majestic? - Randall question.
- I got the call the call of a mate, and I am going to meet her. - Replies the man-monster, looking at them for a while.
- I congratulate you on this auspicious moment in your life, majestic Manzo!
- Thank you, little one!
Indiana asks softly:
- What is that called?
- Hey, I know that animal females exude a peculiar odor in heat, right?
Indian makes a positive nod.
- The gojira has something different and more effective, which is this Call which Manzo said. It is a kind of telepathy, issued during the period to mating, and captured only by males of the same species. Unlike heat odors, is something that does not depend on wind and has a far-reaching, going to hundreds miles away! Thanks to this, we take a great lucky Doctor! In a way, it's like a ride we had achieved in a truck with a hurried driver!
- In fact, I realized that this guy goes very quickly!
- Yes, and the best is that, in addition, the gojira sleep only four hours a day. Because of this, the daily distance we go equals that would walk in a week! Another consequence is that while we are with Manzo, no predator will dare attack us. This means more sleep at night.
 After a while, Randall question:
- The communism stood on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe?
- Unfortunately not. In China, a guerrilla named Mao Zedong fought against General Chiang Kai-shek, starting a civil war that lasted four years and ended in 1949 with the victory of Mao. The general, his troops and hundreds of thousands of Chinese who did not want to submit to Communist rule took refuge on the island of Taiwan, also known as Taiwan, which is officially called the Republic of China, recognized by our country and many others as a nation independent. Mao regards Taiwan as a "renegade province", but does not dare attack.
- Any more unpleasant news from Southeast Asia?
- On the peninsula of Korea, the Communists took over the north and in June 1950, attacked the south, which was not only achieved thanks to the massive aid of our country. The conflict ended after three years, with the establishment of a demilitarized zone in the parallel 53. The most interesting detail is that there was only the signing of an armistice but not a peace treaty. So in a way we are still at war, even two years after the fighting had finished.
- A bizarre situation, no doubt.
- Indeed.

The ride is quiet, interrupted briefly for Indiana and Randall use the adjacent jungle as "bathroom" because they both took their meals without leaving the Manzo bag and when night falls, it is within it that they eat dinner and finally, sleep.
On the afternoon of the second day of his unusual ride, the two men were talking about amenities when Manzo closes the bag saying:
- Be still and silent! An angel is approaching!
Indian feels a strange mixture of fascination, curiosity and confusion. Why Manzo was worried about the imminent arrival of a divine being? The fact of helping them was an undeniable proof that this huge man-monster was good. So what it the reason to be reacting as if facing a potential enemy? But when the archaeologist looks at Randall, this puts forefinger to his lips. This makes Indiana remain silent, although not understanding the reason for it all. After a while, I hear Manzo ask:
- Are you still there?
- Yes, majestic Manzo! - Replies the FBI agent.
- I will keep the bag closed for a while, just in case. I know it will get stuffy in there, but it's better not to risk!
- I agree majestic!
Indiana can no longer contain his curiosity and asks:
- After all, the one to be as good as an angel could do to us?
- Well Doctor Jones, I know that in Sunday classes in religion back on Earth the children learn that angels are servants of God, mentioned often in the Bible and other sacred texts. People believe in them although they never met one face to face, unlike what happens in Felarya.
- Are you saying here, you can find an angel in person?
- Yes, that's right. The problem is that there are king-size angels, people who eat the same way that the monster girls. It certainly was one of those who Manzo saw approaching then he closed the bag, lest we might become the meal of some huge girl-angel, beautiful and voracious.

- Cannibals angels! I could never imagine something like that! It seems a nightmare!
- And the really dangerous kind! While beast as Kensha and Tonorions is approaching for the attack, a giant angel can teleport a victim directly into his stomach so similar to a echydin, but at a greater distance. The Angel that Manzo saw would have taken us two without even having to approach, flying lower and thereby exposing the reach of mighty fists of our friend. A curious detail is that when you take prey as they fly, the giant angel girls are with flushed faces, but do not know if this is because satisfaction, shame or guilt! Some have the curious habit of apologizing to his victims before sending them into their bellies, as if that would make the agony of less painful digestion.
Importantly, there are also human-sized angel girls who act as healers, dealing with injured or sick without asking for anything in return. I would like them, if they had two serious moral failures. The first is that they do nothing to teach the monster girls to respect the lives of smaller species, category in which humans are. Worse still, silent on the crimes of their older sisters and thereby become complicit in the murders they commit. The inhabitants of Felarya believe that such angels come from heaven, but I do not believe the kingdom of God we know in Sunday classes in religion there is room for angels who break the fifth commandment ("You shall not kill") and others by default they not defend life with the emphasis they should.
I and a friend discovered the sad case of Makie, who is treated by colleagues as an outcast because their feathers are black as coal and angels here think the character of his mates according to the color of feathers: the darker the color , the worse the character of the user.
 As if that were not bad enough Krista, the Makie sister, spread the rumor that she eats people. A lie, but which destroyed any chance of the poor angel babe to ascend the hierarchy the place that the inhabitants of Felarya say that is the Heaven, but I doubt very much that may deserve the name.

This leads to another question that would make many theologians on Earth engage in a heated debate: what name the Earth theologians would give the beings that look like angels, but they are cannibals, lie, do intrigue and cover up crimes? Moreover, in religion classes, we learn that God is omniscient. Therefore do not need anyone to tell you what happens in the universe. So if the deity will Felarya whom the angels serve can be fooled so easily have just two options, and both are unpleasant.
The first: is little smart, because it continually deceived thousands of years with relative ease. Second, do you know everything, and do not care about the crimes that these "angels" commit, any act or omission! I could never find out the name of this unknown god, but whatever does not deserve my trust, preys nor my respect either!
The FBI agent is silent, with a frown. Indian makes no question, because Randall had exposed the situation in a way that left no room for doubt. And I think:
("What kind of world is this where not even the angels are virtuous and reliable?")

  Manzo just open the bag cover an hour later and the refreshing wind re-enters the place where the two men were. After some time, Ross looks up and slams his fist on the walls of the bag and the noise does Manzo look down. Ross points to a big tree and says:
- I need to climb that tree to get something up there. Is important.
- This is dangerous, because right out of the bag and exceed the height that can reach with my arms, I cannot protect you from predators. - Says Manzo
The huge man-monster draws Ross carefully and stands up a branch of the indicated tree, whose trunk down by several vines. The agent goes up by one of them and soon the Indiana and Manzo lose sight amid the greenery. Twenty minutes later, I hear a loud thud coming, as if something heavy had fallen.
But whatever it was it does not reach the ground and fifteen minutes later, Ross drops by vines and Manzo and picks up, asking:
- What happened up there? I and his friend and heard a noise!
- Just a piece of tree that was already cracked, perhaps by the collision of some monster girl and suddenly broke, falling on the branches of a tree on the side however, withstood the weight. Or it no passed near where I was. Nevertheless, I thank you both for being concerned me.
Manzo resumes his fast walk. But 240 foots above the forest ground, lay the still warm corpse of a naga with scales and blue-green hair. If the forest floor, would measure 80 foots  height. She was on her stomach with her head sideways in the form of a large branch. His lavender eyes no longer had the brightness of life and on the back of his neck there was a whole the size of a car wheel, with seared edges ...

Inside the copper market, Ross opens his makeshift bag made of skin naga to show the travel companion who had gone to fetch. Were similar fruit with coconuts, but the size of eggs and orange peel.
- They are called Drops of Fire. One is extracted a lubricant used on a local vehicle called a motorbike jet, because it is similar to Earth motorcycles, but capable of flying at high speeds, being fast enough to overcome a fairy!
- And what to do with it?
- As you know Manzo cannot take us to Ur-Sagol. Dew Hell and Silver Drops will be our asset to discourage predators, when we're alone.
- What is Ur-Sagol?
- A very, very old city.
- And the means of transport that awaits us there is reliable?
- Yes, it is also the best!
- The locals will allow us to use it?
- I assure you there will be no problems in this regard, Doctor Jones.
Hours later, the sky begins to darken, and Indiana feel sleep coming, Ross realizes and says, while covering his face with his hat:
- Sleep quiet, doctor. Our good friend will continue to walk it at night, because it can see in the dark. And when sleep will continue safe!
Archaeologist knew that Ross was right, and soon falls asleep.

  The trip aboard the Manzo bag goes quiet the next day. To pass the time, Indiana has to travel partner about your adventure for the legendary Ark of the Covenant. When the archaeologist ends the long narrative, Randall says:
- A military base full of Nazis, all decimated by the wrath of God! I always thought my adventures in Felarya were the most incredible that a human being could have, but I was wrong! I tip my hat to you, Doctor Jones!
Indian and Ross asleep inside your unusual shelter as the huge man-beast were still on. Sometime after sunrise, Manzo kneels and puts Indiana Randall and the ground carefully, saying:
- I regret to say this, but now our paths separate. I have to go north to the beach, where a companion is waiting for me.After it is believe that we northward to the Green Hell, or maybe a little beyond.
Then the man-monster starts to walk away. So the FBI agent whispers something to the archaeologist and says loudly:
- Wait a minute, majestic! We want to tell you a few last words:
Manzo stops and looks at them. Randall says
- There are two nagas are good girls, and do not harm the smaller species. One is called Kai and the other Negeyari. The same for a Dryad named Cypress, who lives in the Jungle Bow. I ask you to do no harm to them if the find in the future.
- I swear I will answer to your request, little one.
 - Thanks by this, majestic!. Then the two men raise their arms, saying,
- We are grateful for having helped and protected us, majestic Manzo! That your future partner is strong, and their children grow to become as powerful like you!
The huge man-monster smiles and says, as he waves good-bye:
- Thank you, little ones! Arriving safely at your destination!
The two men waving and saying goodbye Randall speaks:
- Here's a great guy! The only thing I regret is that the species it is rare. The life of humans in Felarya would be better and easier if there were more gojiras here!
- Well Ross agent thinks that now is the best time to say something I did not want to talk in the presence of Manzo, not to offend him.
- And what is this subject so controversial, capable of offending a huge and powerful alien monster man?
- Last year, in November 1954 I was visiting a Japanese colleague and we attended a science fiction movie called "Gojira, King of the Monsters." In it, the atomic explosions made in the Pacific Ocean arouse a huge dinosaur, the height of a building of 17 floors it was a puzzle zoo authentic: walked upright like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, had the dorsal plates of an Iguanodon and a large tail dragging the floor, like a stegosaurus. To complete, had a deadly radioactive breath. The explanation for this weird power had been caused by radiation from the explosions that our country is on the atoll of Bikini.
The monster attacks Japan, causing great destruction and many deaths. Finally, a Japanese scientist creates a weapon called "oxygen destroyer", which is used as Gojira is swimming under the surface of the sea. He cannot climb to the surface in time, dies and becomes a skeleton, disappearing into the depths. The film ends with a character saying that if the atomic tests in the Pacific don´t stop, a new Gojira may arise in the future.
- I think the Japanese did in a subtle criticism, because of our country have them attacked twice with an apocalyptic weapon, do not you agree?
- Yes, I would say that this is something suitable to their style.

After some more walking time, Randall makes a nod indicating a gap on the ground before them a few dozen foots ahead, saying:
- See that opening, next to the large round stone?
- Yes, actually there is something that we care?
-. No, is to there you should run as fast as possible, so I give the signal. It is also important to do this without looking up.
- What are the reasons for this?
- Two reasons,called Belletia and Mako.
Those words scare Indiana. Randall concludes quietly:
- I told you that that harpy was vindictive. She not only attacked us before because of Manzo, who could have killed her and her niece with a slap. But now that our powerful friend and ally is far we have above our heads two giant nasty types chicken that wanna to make us their meal. So ... RUN!

Two furlongs high, Mako looks Belletia, asking amazed:
- They're getting away! But how they know our presence? We are very high and they don´t looked to up!
- I don´t know either, but this doesn´t matter! ATTACK!
The two harpies change the position of the wings for a large V and begin to descend vertically, at full speed.
On the floor, Indiana sees Randall open the bag and remove the bat with crystal magic light.
- As soon as the external light getting weaker slow down! It would be terrible to fall into some hole and break a leg!
They enter the tunnel, wide enough for the passage of a car. Randall goes a little further, using the baton to light the way. Then he put his left arm on the Indian's chest, stopping him. Archaeologist sees a hole in the ground. Further, where the tunnel curved to the right was a stone the size of a washing machine.
- Get in the hole! NOW! - Says Randall.

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Rescue in Felarya
Part 4 of 8

So, the two men hear the sound of something heavy footsteps coming toward her. Ross is alert and after one minute it they spot a bird similar to an ostrich, but in a longer beak and measuring thirty foots high. Indiana realizes his bodyguard smiles.
- If you are so relaxed, I believe that this huge bird is not dangerous for us.
- Yes, you are right doctor. It is a harmless herbivore called gloteaux, which after being studied by a famous zoologist Felarya has been ranked as one of the stupidest creatures of this world! If a specimen spots a pack of Kensha beasts will not make any attempt to escape or hide. Instead it will just continue on their way, going among them as if there was nothing there! Of course, if the Kensha are hungry, or envisage the gloteaux attitude as a territory invasion, goodbye forever big bird!
 The huge bird passes beside them, ignoring them altogether. Coincidentally, Indiana and Randall were following the same path and so they will walk back, watching the gloteaux make brief stops to eat fruit on branches or on the ground. The two men are making comments about how many people that gloteaux could feed, if it were brought to Earth. But when you get to a large clearing the size of a tennis court where there were eight lilies whose petals leaving the ground, like a large truck wheel, Randall puts his hand on Indiana chest and says:
- Stop Doctor!Those overgrown turkey haven´t nothing to fear,but we do!
- And what danger those giant lilies represent?
- The correct name is doormat, and are dangerous carnivorous plants! When someone steps on them, it is grabbed by the pistils and pulled down to an underground chamber, where it begins a rapid process of digestion. After consuming the victim doormat reappears on the surface, to wait for the next prey.
They see the gloteaux step two "Lilies" kneading them, but without being bothered by the other and continue until you reach the opposite side of the clearing and disappeared into the trees.
- We can go the other way? - Indiana question.
- No, this track is the best option. To neutralize the threat before us, now I will use another gift I received from a local resident.
From inside the bag Randall takes a silver disc, like a car hubcap.
- I was taught to control this object with the power of the mind. Now, I ask you to be silent, because I need to focus.
Indian obeys while the disc floating in the air to three meters high. When it gets on a doormat, Randall fires his energy burst at the bottom and it is reflected down reaching the flower, which gives off a smell like burnt grass. The process is repeated until all the lethal destruction of flowers.
Randall then drops a small tree and begins to cut it to pieces, saying,
- Now we have to plug these holes so that no one falls on them.
Indiana puts his hand bags and get help Randall. When it is withdrawn paw pick up a few pieces of wood and plug the last hole, hear Randall say:
He obeys without question, but while doing so looks up, realizing that something was blocking the sunlight. It is then that realizes a harpy down at high speed on the clearing. It was much larger than the previous with 110 foots high, the feathers were brown, gray and orange and purple hair. How quickly coming down was amazing. Above the treetops was another smaller harpy, flying in circles.
Because of the speed and angle of attack, Randall could not launch the deadly counterattack that would. Nevertheless manages to be efficient: its burst open a hole the size of a plate on the right foot of the monster-girl that moves her head back screaming so loud that Indiana stops his ears. Looking up, Indiana to see rising faster than had come down, while some feathers fall. The little harpy goes away with the colleague, surprised and startled by this unexpected outcome.
- This time, Belletia failed to enjoy her favorite food. And the young Mako learned that some prey may not be as easy as they appear!
- You know them?
- Only through news I heard from locals. Belletia is the largest and oldest. Her favorite food are human beings. Mako is her niece, and the only one with whom she cares. The two live somewhere in the Giant Tree.
- Giant Tree? - Indiana question as resume walking.
- This world is full of huge trees but the giant tree surpasses all others in size. Its branches are so thick that could be castles built on them! It's a small world itself home to countless animals, including several monster girls: two giant naga: a blonde called Crisis and another Anna, who has pink hair. A human girl with brown hair call Lea. Besides Belletia and Mako.
- What? A human lives in the same place as four monster girls, and has not eaten? How is this possible?
- The answer is simple and also surprising: Crisis and Ana are friends Lea and protect the Belletia, which is obsessed with Lea to do most of your meals.
- And what is the reason for all this?
- Years ago a spaceship from another planet landed in Felarya because of technical problems. Crisis ate all the people who left the ship except Lea, for some reason I could not ascertain. But maybe it was because the girl has a beautiful voice and has a wide repertoire, and create more music with great ease. Crisis love to hear her sing and they sing along to! One day when Belletia tried to eat Lea was attacked by Crisis and took a beating. Since then they are enemies, and all because of the girl.
- This is something quite remarkable.
- For me, it's disgusting!
- It's because?
- Crisis is 60 years old and is very voracious. Probably her victims number has reached the five digits! Now tell me Doctor Jones: You could become friend with someone who has killed more than one thousand people, and that continues to make new victims?
- No way!
- Me neither.I know Felarya are outside of the FBI´s jurisdiction, but it's not because of those monster girls rules here that I will be accepting serial murders as something natural. And much less like a person establishes friendly relations with those who practice this type of crime. The only explanation I can find for Lea behavior is that she has some serious mental disorder. May God have mercy her soul! - Randall says, putting the hat on his chest for a moment in consternation.

- Do you think Belletia will attack us again?
- I think so. Humans are her favorite food, that´s very vindictive. She should be furious not only for failing to pick us up, but also the humiliation that near of the niece. I better have some extra asset.
 Sometime later, they spot a large yellow piece snakeskin on some bushes with bright silver apples fruit size. Randall begins to harvest them and over the snake skin. Then put the bag on his right shoulder and they return to walk.
- You will use these fruits against Belletia?
- Yes. They are called Hell Dew and are based on an herbicide, but to make it more effective, I'll need another component, and we’ll find somewhere else later.
They proceed. Indian says:
- Their power is really amazing! Did you already born with it or was obtained later as a result of an accident?
- That power is not something genetic, as a mutation. But not acquired by chance or accident. Sometime after I graduated from the FBI Academy in 1934, I was sent along with a fellow named Jack Warton (a blond guy athletic build and green eyes) to the swamps of Louisiana where there were said to be hiding a mad scientist named Landor, who according to the information sent was doing illegal experiments on human guinea pigs! He was called “monster maker", and of course nothing could be expected of good coming from someone with such a nickname!
Get to where Landor was difficult. The Greenville inhabitants, the nearest town (whose population was only 1,600 inhabitants), moved away scared so we said who we were looking for. Nobody wanted to take us to the place and here I am forced to speak ill of a former co-worker. Unlike me, Jack was a racist. When the fifth boatman, a black with brown eyes nicknamed Alex Lynx also refused to support us, Jack grabbed Alex by the collar, pulled out his .357 Magnum revolver and leaned against the nose poor man calling him “stinky nigger ", threatening to arrest him if they do not take us to where we wanted to go. I protested and Jack ordered me to shut up, saying I was only a beginner, and the head of the mission was him.

 A trip on a boat with outboard motor was tense. Just looking at the Alex's face to realize that the poor man was terrified, as if he feared the attack of some supernatural creature. Considering the reputation of Landor, this was something that seemed to me quite likely. But did not say anything to Jack, who treated me like I was some idiot who should be glad just to have him alongside as a partner.
The mansion was a remote and decrepit place, with vines climbing the walls covered with slime. When we landed Jack forced Alex to join us, going in front. When I asked him why, he told me that if there was even a monster there, it was better that caught Alex first, instead of us. I protested again, but he began to insult me until we heard a grunt strange that echoed through the main hall where we were a place full of old and damaged furniture. We soon realized because "monster maker" was perfect for Landor.

 The doors in front of us came out eight creatures that had human body, but skin and alligator head, including tails that dragged on the floor. Alex was paralyzed with fear. Jack me and we drew our revolvers Magnum 357 and started shooting. I killed what was close to Alex and told it was to the boat and turned the engine, adding that if we were caught, he should run away and call the FBI office to send help. Jack said I was crazy for trusting in black. I countered by saying that he could insult me the will, after we eliminate those things.
 Despite being a despicable racist, Jack had a great aim: five killed monsters with well-aimed shots to the head before being settled by a bite in the neck. His blood splashed over me, but despite the fear, I managed to settle that monstrosity, before being knocked out by an attack from behind.
When I woke up, I was shackled by the wrists and ankles to a surgical table metal. It was then that I saw Landor, and noted that he seemed to have been the victim of some of his experiences that he had failed because he was bald, had no eyebrows and his skin was purple as an eggplant!
We were inside what seemed to be a wine cellar with stone walls and strange machines around. Other five monster men are near Landor that told me that Alex had escaped, but that did not matter because he would make me his supreme creation and after breaking my mind, I would become the most loyal servant of all.
 For two days he subjected me to torture before ordering your monsters to stand before my face a machine with a large metal tube, like a telescope. Metallic tweezers kept my eyelids open, preventing me to shut. Landor then fired a blue ray, and I felt a searing pain as if boiling oil was being poured over my eyes. I cried out in pain.
It lasted several minutes and ended when I was nearly blind, seeing only shadows around me. Then I heard the sound of footsteps approaching, and soon several people entered. I heard the sound of guns firing, amid Landor cries, the screams of his monsters and machines exploding. When the noise stopped, I realized the figure of people approaching me, but passed out before he could see who they were.
 I awoke hours later in Vila Verde small hospital. I could feel that I was on a soft bed, but could not see anything because bandages covering my eyes. I heard a man approach, identifying himself as "Lipton agent." When asked how they had arrived at the place of my captivity, I said one of the local inhabitants named Alex Lynx had taken them there, but the alert about my arrest had been made through the call from a mysterious woman to the FBI office in New Orleans, warning me and Colton had been captured or perhaps killed by a man named Landor, and that any rescue attempt should be made with heavy weapons because the henchmen of Landor were very dangerous and added:
- Of course I never imagined finding something like these alligator men!
- They killed Warton, sir.
- Unfortunately, it seems that killing our mate wasn´t enough for those freaks! They also made his body a meal! Left so little of the Warton´s body, we might put his remains in a portable cooler with handles, the kind that people use to carry soda bottles in picnics. I cannot imagine what the headquarters will tell to the family! Our mate surely will should be buried in a sealed coffin! Accursed Landor! That he and his hideous pets burn forever in Hell!
Oh yeah, when we got here did a quick survey and found that his eyes were very swollen, but they had never seen anything like it, and did not even know how to treat. Then as a precaution, they decided to cover them with bandages. Now, you should rest, Ross. Tomorrow will come an ambulance to take him to New Orleans, where there are far more equipped in hospitals than this little town.

Hours later, I heard someone's footsteps approaching my bed. I heard the voice of a woman identified as Bessie, Jack's wife. She thanked me for saving his life beyond me praises me for not being racist, as my dead mate. Bessie added that had been she who had called the FBI and pray for me to not be blinded by the evils of Landor, called for her "son of darkness." Then kissed me on the right cheek and left.
 In New Orleans, the doctors submitted me to all the tests they knew, especially the eye. But the biggest thrill for me was the presence of the head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover in the hospital. He shook my hand and said I was a hero, I considered exaggerated praise because he had been captured and nearly killed.
Soon I returned to work, and I started thinking that the Landor experience had been a failure without further consequences for me. Almost a year later, I was sent along with three other officers for what was to be only the arrest of a gangster. But the guy had an unscrupulous inventor who had created for the dangerous chief asset: a huge and powerful robot! Bullets ricocheted of our guns on that machine without causing any damage! One of my colleagues was hurled to six meters away, hitting the wall and miraculously, only broke an arm in addition to remain conscious. Still, it seemed like that would be the end of us.
But seeing a partner is being hurt I have outraged me, feeling something be released inside me. Then the first time I released my energy burst and she hit my metallic enemy, causing him serious damage. A second blast did explode, killing the gangsters and the inventor. But my colleagues and I had no injuries.
 Hoover was informed about it, and decided to cover up the whole thing. He said I should keep secret about my superpower even of my family and the other officers who were with me at that time also had to maintain total secret.

 From that day on, my life changed. I received special training to learn how to use my energy bursts more efficiently, acting in the rear, so that the bandits believe that they were being targeted by some sort of secret weapon. Myself and the other officers who were with me we become an elite group, in charge of the most dangerous missions. Besides Mr. Hoover, people who knew the truth about us in the FBI could be counted on the fingers. Nevertheless, were good times.

 Then the war started and with it came new challenges such as saboteurs and spies in Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. It seemed that many of them wanted to test in our country malignant and dangerous inventions that later intended to use on the battlefield. But there was nothing that could withstand my energy burst.
One day I received a mission to capture an agent of Abweher (the Nazi intelligence service), known only by the code name "Lorelai," which was stealing top secret information, no one could figure out how she did it. We followed her to Cuba, where somehow managed to outwit of my mates but not me. As I understand Spanish, I could write a little note and deliver to a subject in order for it to take him to the hotel where the other officers were. After a chase through woods on secondary roads, I saw her car, which had crashed. I followed the trail to an ancient temple, but even after rummaging around the site I didn´t find.
But then I saw that portal, the same by which you also passed. Without having any idea of the trouble in which would get me, I went through it and came to Felarya where never thought Lorelai. She should have been eaten by some monster-girl, I suppose. As for me I stayed here, not knowing how to return until recently, when a local resident gave me valuable information of which I so desperately needed. Now we're going to the place that will enable our safe return, Doctor Jones.
 The change in color of the sky announcing the twilight and with him the other day ends. Indian and Randall spot an opening in a tree three meters from the ground. They climb without any problems and make a meal. Indiana chooses to do the first watch, and while looking at the dark and noisy forest, think about all that Randall had told him.
("An amazing super power, acquired in an experiment made by a mad man! Still, I'm confused. Given all that Ross told me so far shows that probably he's here for over ten years since the Second World War! And despite those energy bursts are somewhat surprising, as he managed to survive all this time? Will the inhabitants of this world have helped more than he mean me? ")
But speculation archaeologist-adventurer does not bring you any answers, and when Randall wakes up he'll sleep embraced by his mysterious burden.

The next day after brunch,Randall says as resume the walk:
- I'm not a weapon´s expert, but one thing I realized in history lessons is that human beings always do is improve them. Muskets gave way to repeating rifle and then the machine guns that initially were so big, they had two wheels and had to be pulled by a horse. Later they became portable. Then Dr. Jones, what kind of improvement was with the atomic bomb?
- Well, they continue to be produced, but its size was decreasing until our scientists used a small atomic bomb as a kind of "trigger" to fire another weapon even more powerful: the hydrogen bomb. The first test was a year ago in 1954, in the archipelago of the Marshall Islands. When the explosion mushroom dissipated, the island where she had been placed no more.
- What? Are you saying that the island was disintegrated?
- Yes, but it was a very small island.
- Doesn´t matter. After hearing this, I'm sure that nuclear weapons should never have been invented! Who was the idiot mad responsible for all this?
- Albert Einstein. He received a letter from a Hungarian fellow named Leo Szilard, that warned of the possibility that the Nazis were about to control the fission of uranium, which could result in a new and very powerful weapon. So, Einstein signed the letter as if it the author, making an appeal which resulted in the invention of the atomic bomb. Only after the war, when it was possible to study German secret files, Einstein discovered that he and Szilárd had overestimated the progress of German scientists in the fission of the atom. The Nazis would never have been able to manufacture an atomic bomb in time to use it against the Allies. From there, Einstein began to feel enormous regret that plagued him until his death one month ago, with 76 years old.
Randall remains silent for a while before saying:
- This shows that even the greatest geniuses can make mistakes. Unfortunately when this happens, the consequences are terrible! By the way, the Soviets already stole us the secret of the hydrogen bomb too?
- Nope. But I fear it is only a matter of time before doing so. Or invent themselves, why has qualified scientists for it.
- I have my doubts about this because if they have managed to infiltrate a project like the atomic bomb can do it again, unless you find out where the security breach. Or to be more precise, the names of the traitors. Speaking of which, how did the Soviets managed to outmaneuver?
Well, then Los Alamos there was a guy named David Greenglass, that that collected the information and went over to his brother Julius Rosenberg, who in turn handed them over to the Soviets. Once the case has gone to trial, Julius and his wife Ethel were found guilty of high treason and despite many clemency appeals (inclusive of Pope Pius XII), so that the sentence be commuted to life imprisonment, the Rosenberg were executed in the chair electric on June 19, 1953 in Sing-Sing prison.
- This Greenglass happened to be one of the Manhattan scientists?
-No.The Greenglass sergeant was just a janitor. He was listening to the conversations of scientists, pressing his ear to the door.
Upon hearing that for Randall, look at Indiana and says with a sneer:
- I'm sorry if that sound like unpatriotic Doctor Jones, but if security at Los Alamos was even so lax, so our country deserved to have the secret of the atomic bomb stolen!
- Are you saying you do not believe? But the FBI did a thorough investigation of the case. The very Edgar Hoover was in charge of it.
- I am familiar with Mr. Hoover. Remember that I worked for him.But then, I'm afraid there has been a serious mistake, with tragic consequences. The pieces just do not fit as they should! But let's talk more about it after lunch.
It was almost noon, and the two men stop to rest, eat and drink water. Once finished, they return to their journey, and Randall begins to explain your point of view.
- Imagine a child of elementary school listening to two industrial chemical talking about a new type of plastic. Then she could think of making this new product, or transmit this information to someone else?
- Of course not! Someone so young would not understand the formulas and technical terms, even if the chemical explain everything in detail!
- Just as you Greenglass, this would also be unable to understand Einstein’s conversation and other scientists, who certainly would not talk about a powerful and super-secret weapon with a janitor. And even if they did, this alleged traitor sergeant would have to have a doctorate in nuclear physics to understand everything and if so, he would not be going through the aisles and rooms of Los Alamos with a vacuum cleaner on his hands.
 Another very important detail to be considered is the amount of information. When two or more experts in any kind are subject,they are able to talk for hours! The Greenglass sergeant, who would have to have an elephant's memory to store all in the mind! And although you can record the human voice on discs, it requires bulky and heavy equipment, available only in record studios.
- Was invented a new gadget called tape recorder, which stores sounds in a coated plastic tape iron oxide.
- And what is the size of this gadget?
- It weighs a few pounds,and  the size of a doctor suitcase.
- So it is obvious that the Greenglass sergeant, who could never get in Los Alamos carrying something like this, do you not agree Doctor Jones?
- Yes, that would be impossible. Especially as magnetic tape recorders were not yet available at the time of the Manhattan Project.
- Well, would otherwise be photographing the frame where Einstein and his staff wrote equations on their work, but remember that we are talking about a secret government installation. You cannot go into a place like this with a school notebook to take notes or a camera, as in a natural history museum. Therefore, unless the Soviets have invented some kind of mini camera small enough to be hidden inside a pack of cigarettes, we also can exclude this possibility.
- And how do you think it happened?
- On the one hand is embarrassing to admit that the Soviets robbed us the secret of the atomic bomb through espionage and betrayal, I do not think their man in Los Alamos was someone as insignificant as a janitor! If I were a spy commissioned by Stalin to get something so important in an American secret base, full of guards would choose someone who was part of the Einstein team.
- Hoover carefully selected all the people who participated in the project. Do not allow anyone connected to the Communist Party, or sympathized with left-wing ideas had access ace facilities.
- I'm sure about that. Mr. Hoover is a fanatical anticommunist!For him, the Communists are authentic representatives of the Devil on earth!
- So how the Soviets would infiltrate someone in a place so well guarded?
- A good way would be to find someone with debts to pay, especially those illegal as betting games or the Mob. And we also have greed. There are people who by the appropriate amount of money, would kill their own mother!
Another possibility are the skeletons in the closet. Those shameful secrets that people do everything so that no one would ever know, as sexual perversions or crimes that were covered up by illicit means, such as threats, bribery or blackmail of witnesses. And how in the world of espionage anything goes, especially when the boss was a demon like Stalin, we must also think about the possibility of a false scandal of the kind that would make the victim to submit, instead of seeking help from the authorities.
- Do you have any idea about it?
- Imagine one of the scientists going to the nearest city to relax and have fun. Soviet agents put some drug in his drink, take you to one and there and draw obscene pictures of the guy on the bed with a girl that look like underage.

On this hypothesis, I'll tell you something that happened to me when I and my teammates were in Saint Louis, after completing another successful mission. We went to a theater to watch a comedy. Among the great cast had a girl named Rowena Prescott, reddish brown hair, pale gray eyes and small breasts, with five foots and two inches tall. Anyone who looked at it would say that she had a maximum of 14 years old.
But when we went greets her backstage and one of my friends spoke to one of her colleagues (A middle-aged man named Douglas, of dark blue eyes and brown hair that was already starting to become white), he had a very talented daughter, the entire cast laughed at us. Douglas said that Miss Prescott was not his daughter and in fact, her real age  was 22 years old! At first we thought it was a joke, but  so the girl went to the dressing room and came back with her driver's license, proving the truth.
So Doctor Jones,  if is possible meet girls with a peculiar body as that actress in the theater world, certainly the Soviets also should take some of them well in their intelligence service. Any man caught in a trap so would doubt even from himself, believing he had a kinky side for some reason, suddenly raised. So, he would fucked, becoming a puppet on the Soviet Secret Service hands! Now tell me: the Rosenberg were Jewish, right?

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Rescue in Felarya
Part 6 of 8

Indiana obeys, after delivering the bags he was carrying for Randall that returns to him with their own bags and bat-lantern. Then, looking around, Indiana realizes something very important:
- This place isn´t big enough for you too!
- I'll be fine! - Replies the other, while rolling a great stone to plug the hole. On the outside, Belletia and Mako are landed with a loud impact.Randall opens the bag where they were both types of fruit that was harvested, and the contents spread across the floor. In the few seconds that still had, it does something else ...

In his cramped shelter; Indiana Jones listens to the wind noise blowing hard, like a hurricane. The suction was intense, and it just is not torn from where it was because of the stone above his head. Sometime later, the same thing happens. Then, silence. After an agonizing wait, he sees the stone is removed. Delivering the bags to Randall, who reaches out and helps to rise.
- Those harpies leave?
- Yes, Doctor Jones. But them didn´t go with empty stomach. They aspired all of Hell Dew and Sun Drops too!
- And what will be the consequences? - Indiana question, as they step into the tunnel.
- In some hours, the two fruit kinds will ferment on stomach because of the digestive juices releasing toxins that together,will have a wasting effect.Unfortunately, I did not get enough to kill Belletia and Mako,but even so,they will feel very painful cramps for two or three days.An great way for that pair of killers expiates some their many sins.
- Sounds like suitable.Now tell me,how did you know they were above us,without having looked up?
- That's another thing that you will only know after we get home, Doctor Jones.
Archaeologist not like the answer, but resigns himself and asks about something else:
- How do you have the idea to make this poison against monster girls?
- A talk I heard from locals. The original concept was to create a more powerful fuel for the flying motorcycles, increasing its speed. But it did not work because the product was too unstable and tests in the laboratory, using flying motorcycle driven by remote control always ended in explosions. Use as poison was discovered by chance, but is also impractical because it would take three gallons of the product to kill a harpy or fairy, that amount increases to ten gallons in the case of a giant naga.
 Does not yet exist in Felarya advanced technology enough to condense the product enough to fit in a portable weapon. But I do not think this obstacle remain insoluble forever. Someday it will be overcome and then the supremacy of the monster girls on smaller species will end, either with poison projectiles or some other equally lethal.
- Do you believe that in the future, it may be a genocidal killing?
- I'm afraid so.
- But this is a terrible crime!
- The idea of intelligent races being hunted to extinction also displeases me, Dr. Jones. But remember that by eating people, the monster girls spread grief and hatred. That's how a debt, which increases with each new victim. And as everyone knows, unpaid debts accrue interest. When the day of collection arrives,giant nagas,fairies and other predators cannot ask for then,the mercy that they never have to demonstrate to the weak.

The two men walk for four hours, taking water sometimes. Then, make a meal. Indian falls asleep while the watch is made by Ross, who however does not wake up the traveling companion, realizing a female figure watching them a curve in the hallway where he and archaeologist had come. Instead of being alarmed, he don´t call Indiana. Instead this just smiles and raises his hat for a moment.

Meanwhile in Chordoni, Vivian looked angry as Crisis enters the cave because her friend had taken longer than it should. Still unable to speak because of inflammation in the vocal cords, she looks at another frown, and writes a note asking only:
"Why did it take so long?"
- Sorry, I was talking to a harpy. She told me that are happening many strange and frightening things in the Forest of Whispers!
Vivian picks up the paper in the hands of Crisis with a jolt and writes below:
"I don´t wanna know anything! I already have troubles enough! "
Crisis chooses not counteract Vivian and will prepare another soup, as he considered the disturbing news he had heard the harpy: two missing fairies. A harpy killed by unknown cause, since his remains had been found too late, after several types of predators had eaten the will, leaving so little that made it impossible to know the true cause of death of the woman-bird. Eight tonorions three beasts Kensha had been cut into pieces. Echydin dead with his skull crushed by a tree of fainting, but the true cause of death of the unicorn might be another, because in his belly was a large round hole enough to fit a giant naga thumb. Two nagas young people were also missing and lastly, fairies had found the corpse of a naga dead giant with a hole in the neck, like a spear made of fire had struck, piercing the trachea, past the vocal cords, esophagus and finally, destroyed the cervical spine. To complete the list of tragedies, a huge male gojirian had also been sighted in the forest.

All this worried the giant naga. Someone or something was wandering in the Forest of Whispers going eastward,with power enough to kill any predator - including monster girls! – on their way. Most disturbing was that the blame for all those deaths could not be gojirian because the body of the giant naga had been found too high,over a branch beyond the reach of huge monster-man.
In addition, the way tonorions, the echydin and Kensha beasts had been eliminated did not fit in the way gojirian killed their prey. This applied only the two nagas, which should have become meal to the mighty predator.Crisis didn´t know what was those unknow menace that was leaving a trail of corpses aback but fell relief,because she and Vivian are safe in Chordoni...

  Indian wakes Randall and they continue walking through the tunnel until the FBI agent looks down and with the help of stick-lantern, see the floor full of white hairs, which also hung from the ceiling.
- This isn´t good, Doctor Jones!
- What is the problem? They are only spider wires!
- On Earth, it would be something trivial. But not here. Soon we will know more exemplary of the local fauna, called dridder. A monster with a woman's torso and spider body and which can be up to 100 foots high. These wires indicate that it is a weaver. When something touches those wires vibrate to let the owner know his size, strength and location of the intruder. I believe the lair should be further and when we get there, the dridder who spread these wires will be waiting for us.
- You cannot prevent this from happening by cutting the wires with its rays?
- Impossible. Are too many wires! Furthermore, the brightness of my bursts would be seen over a great distance in these dark tunnels! But all will end well, I assure you.
They go ahead. After some time the cave expands Indiana and look around, trying to assess the size of the place. The walls were purple, some kind of mineral radiating light itself, with the result a ghostly twilight lighting with enough light for them exempt bats-lantern, which are covered and stored.
That's when Indiana sees something that makes you feel chills: stuck on the walls, in vertical or horizontal position, there were hundreds of cocoons, with people in them! No move. Maybe they were all dead, asleep or else, too weak to react.
Giant girl-monster described by Randall, no sign. Was she out or just hidden? At that moment, the archaeologist sees something disturbing: the most appropriate place for a big monster hides, a place like that? Being part spider, the best place was the only part that remained hidden in the shadows: the ceiling!

Archaeologist obey, escaping a close call to be picked up by a viscous jet with a foot in diameter, ranging from high and it is stuck on the ground. Looking sideways, Indiana realizes Randall running in the opposite direction.
The strategy confuses dridder which is undecided about which prey to attack first. Then she chooses to Indiana Jones, but when you start to go in the direction of archaeologist, a blue blast pierces his huge stomach and reaches the intestines, causing her to scream in pain. Despite not knowing what had hit, she gets angry and looks toward the other little man, which to her surprise, for fleeing zigzag and starts running in a straight line.
In the shadows, the dridder twelve meters high, it blue-gray, dark brown hair and three pairs of green eyes prepares to achieve Randall with silk jets, but that is when two energy bursts FBI Agent cut legs on the right side of dridder half. The girl-monster swings and this is the third blast hit the articulation of other leg, cutting it close to the body. No three points of support, the remaining legs cannot keep dridder the ceiling, and she falls screaming in terror.
 It's a long drop, with several tens of meters, ending with dridder hitting back against the floor of the cave. She breaks her arms five ribs afflicting the lungs, skull is fractured, causing a hemorrhage that disables the part of the brain responsible for speech, and dridder is unable to make any sound. The bulky abdomen arachnid, various internal organs also suffer more serious injuries and internal bleeding.
In his agony, the dridder asks herself:
("As a human he managed to locate me and hit with such precision? How?")
An energy blast hits her in the left temple, and she dies without get the answer.

Randall approaches taking off his hat to once again pray for the soul of a slaughtered enemy, along with Indiana. Then the FBI agent says:
- Let's free the prisoners who are still alive.
The hard task for an hour and archaeologist sadness, the number of people rescued was only seventeen. It examines the enormous quantity of cocoons and at that time, remembers how the Earth spiders eat their prey: injecting a poison that dissolved the prey inside and then suck the liquid, leaving only an empty shell.
("Oh, my God! That huge spider woman killed several hundred victims!")

Randall and he were being surrounded by people who had released. Indiana realizes that not all were human beings. There were also elves with pointed ears and people with cat ears and tail. (Called nekos, according with Ross) The most interesting was that some members of that small group seemed to know the FBI agent.
Among them was an elf of lime-green hair and dark blue eyes, with ornate costumes, indicating that it must be someone important. Randall presents Indiana to the group, saying:
- Lord Ianberos, this is my travel partner, doctor Indiana Jones. It is the same world that he's also a place nearby where I was born. Only a short distance separates our hometowns.
At that moment, the elf embraces Randall, saying something that leaves perplexed archaeologist:
- Then finally you get the help they so desperately needed, to make the final journey! I'm very happy with it! Apraxia and pray to Thatalia to reach the outskirts of Ur-Sagol safely!
Indian frowns, asking yourself:
("How can I be helping Randall, if I haven´t any power?")
But he does not try to clarify the question by asking questions to the elf. I knew nothing about local customs and know that in some cultures, to question priests and other officials could be a serious offense, punishable even by death! So just says:
- I'm doing my best, sir. But Ross agent also has done a lot for me.
- Yeah, that's his style. Well, now I will cast a spell to bring us all home, because many of these people are very weak and need urgent medical help. I regret not being able to send both to close the Dimensional Gate.
- It's all right. - Responds Randall - I have no words to express my gratitude for everything you did for us!
The Indiana confusion increases and he just nods to the group that he and Randall had let go free, while all vanish into thin air.
Because one elf said he could not send us closer to Ur-Sagol?
- Lack of information, Doctor Jones.
- Sorry Ross agent, but I do not understand.
- To cast a teleportation spell, not just the location of a place. We also need to know if it is safe. Kensha beasts usually roam nearby and also a giant naga called Jissy lives around. It would be terrible if arise in place in front any of these monsters, do not you agree?
- Yes,for sure! - Responds Indiana, taking the two bags and putting on his shoulders.
 Three hours later, they come out of the cave into the light of day. But half an hour later, as they walked through the forest a snake almost two meters long whose body was covered with a multicolored plumage falls on Indiana Jones and curls up around your neck, with the head against the archaeologist's forehead that starts screaming panicked, causing Randall turn.
- KILL THIS HECK SNAKE! KILL! - Says Indiana, totally hysterical.
- I cannot. The way it is about you, if shoot my energy burst, will hit your skull.
Upon hearing that Indiana begins to raise his hands saying:
- Then I myself will ...
- STOP, DOCTOR JONES! If you try to start the feathered anaconda where she will contract up to chokes it as the rope of a gallows!
Indiana lowers his hands and asks panting, with trembling knees:
- So, what should we do?
- Wait for the right time to do the right thing. Now Doctor Jones, look at my eyes and answer: do you trust me?
- Yes, because it is thanks to your help and protection I'm still alive!
- So keep looking at my eyes, without diverting your attention from them not for a moment.Allow that me,only me worry about that snake, do you understand?
- Yes I am.
- Great. I know it will seem strange, but when I was in college, and I remember that another student, who studied ancient American civilizations told me about a deity of Central America was represented by a feathered serpent. Do you know her name?
- Yes Quetzacoal. It was worshiped by the Olmec’s and also by the Aztecs.
- By chance was an evil deity?
-. She taught not to do books, created the calendar and also bequeathed to men corn, staple diet of the people who lived in what is now Mexico.
- Ah then, was a benign snake! Very different from what appears in the book of Genesis, as an avatar of the Devil.
- Indeed, but the Aztec legends also say that Quetzacoal was a white, bearded man. Because of this, when Fernando Cortez landed on the Yucatan Peninsula, the natives believed that he was an emissary Quetzacoal or even God himself! This greatly facilitated the conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards.
- An understandable misconception but which had tragic consequences! Where Cortez was buried, Dr. Jones?
- First in Seville.Later,his remains were moved to Tezcuco in Mexico and there, were taken to Mexico City.But in the 1823 revolution, the descendants of the native conquered by the Spaniards wanted to take over the ashes of Cortez. To prevent that his coffin was taken to a place that until now, no one has discovered where it is.I can understand the hurt of the natives, but desecrating the remains of someone is a deplorable act.
- I agree. Now tell me doctor, what is the cause of your fear of snakes?
- When I was a teenager, I fell into a box full of snakes! When I got up, I saw a flurry of them coming off the sleeves on my shirt, her collar and up the legs of my pants! Snakes!Hundreds of them! Maybe thousands!
- A very odd accident. Now doctor, do you know what is the most interesting thing about phobias?
- Which is?
- People are terribly afraid of things that actually are not a threat to them. As the feathered anaconda: if after she landed on someone, they do nothing and just stand still, you know what happens?
- No, I haven´t any idea.
- The anaconda drop on the ground, goes away and back to their tree. As it was on top of you are doing right now. - Randall says, pointing to the right.
Archaeologist looks and sees the reptile disappearing into the trees. Randall smiles and says:
- You never was in danger, Doctor Jones.
- Why not tell me before? - Says archaeologist, boring.
- Because you was too many hysterical to hear me.Stood screaming like a little girl!

Indian snorts, angry at the sarcasm. But do not get a run-in because he knew that his friend was telling the truth. The journey resumes. Randall begins to say:
- In all the years since I came to Felarya, one thing I never understood is why the monster girls eating sentient beings Taming cutting animals and cultivate food plants does not require advanced technology! Humanity already did so in the Stone Age. Do these cannibalistic habits were something they learned from the pagan deities who created them? A congenital evil, of which very few are able to deliver?
- Are you saying that there are monster girls who do not eat humans?
- Yes. And do not eat nekos or elves.
- You know who they are, or ever met with any of them?
- Yes. There are three: Negeyari, a giant naga who lives in a village whose name and location could not figure out. The second is a giant naga called Kai and the third, a dryad that has the name of an Earth Tree: Cypress.
- In Greek mythology, Dryad was the name of female nature spirits that lived in the trees.
- In Felarya they are women-tree that can have 130 foots high! But despite settle in a place can get out of it, something done only in emergency cases because it is very difficult. They feel an enormous fear of fire. Perform photosynthesis like plants that partly they are. But the human side usually requires meat and misfortune, most opt for the so-called "minor species" category in which they are humans, elves and nekos.
However, Cypress is an exception to this rule. She lives in a faraway place called Jungle Basin, and protects the people there with the same zeal of a mother to his children. She is taller than usual, with 186 foots. Her favorite food are the giant swamp snakes, whose length can be up to 50 foots. Some herself caught. Other they are brought as gifts by villagers that had formed around her, in gratitude for the protection that she provides to everyone.
The third is a giant naga called Kai, the one with whom I related myself. For religious reasons, she adopted a habit which makes a laughing stock among the other of its kind: it became a vegetarian. The sad fact is that every time Kai approaches someone to talk to, people panic and flee desperate, fearing for their lives!
- I cannot criticize that attitude, because I´d make the same thing!
- I know. You are prone to this because of his phobia, Vivian something that only made it became worse ...
They continue walking. Randall asks:
- You said that the Nazis called manufacture missiles V-2, which were impossible to be torn down because they were too fast. Did there have missiles capable of carrying atomic bombs or hydrogen?
- No, because these weapons are still big and too heavy.
- So, I fear that this is just a matter of time until that happens.
- Why do you think so?
- For Americans and Soviets will want faster and better ways to reach each other in case of war, causing much damage as possible. Long-range missiles with nuclear warheads would be perfect for it! However, I wish the rockets were used for more noble purposes such as space travel. Perhaps to the moon and then the other planets!
- Travel to the Moon, as on the Jules Verne´s novel?
- What's wrong with that? If when you were a little boy, someone had written a book talking about a weapon as the atomic bomb, which would have been the reaction of the people?
- I would say that no one would dare make such a terrible weapon!
- However, now such a thing exists.
- Yes,unfortunately.
- I think Americans and Soviets will soon be competing to see who will have the honor of getting you the moon first. I just hope that our country will be the winner because otherwise the Russians will want to explore the feat of the worst possible way. You know, to say that communism and oppression are superior to democracy and freedom...
- That would be very likely,agent Ross. - I know. Because of this, I cheer for the first man to reach the moon is an American. Would it was born? It's still just a little boy? A freckled teenager, playing baseball in high school? Or maybe it's an aircraft pilot, who cannot imagine that fate reserve an infinitely greater honor, that will go down in history!
 Sometime later, they hear a heavy rustling that makes Indiana Jones remember Vivian. It is the hair shaft and says:
- Not this one! A giant naga is approaching!
- Do not use running, doctor. They are much faster than any human being. - You're saying let's just stand still, waiting for her to arrive? - Says archaeologist, sweating like in a sauna.
- Yes, because it is also better for a shot.
- I hope to kill as it did with the other! Then the girl-monster arrives. He had brown hair and eyes and Indiana surprise wore the top of a lavender kimono with a pink belt holding on the back of a katana as big as a telephone pole. But for Indiana's surprise, the Instead of attacking, Ross raises his hat saying,
- Hello Kai!I don´t see you since a long time ago!
- Kai,the vegetarian naga?
- Yes, herself. Now, at least once in a lifetime Doctor Jones, control your phobia and take off your hat for the lady, as a gentleman should do.
The archaeologist obeys, despite the intense terror.
- Hello, Miss Kai. - Says the FBI agent raising the hat. - The man beside me is Dr. Indiana Jones.
And again, I hear something disconcerting that the baffles.
- Great! Now finally both you will be able to go where both you crave so long time! This makes me so happy!
("What she´s talking about? - think Indiana - I'm in Felarya just a few days!")
- You could take the doctor and me to the Dimensional Gate?
- Of course! I will be happy to help them in the final stage of their journey. By the way, they had a lot of trouble to get here?
- Two fairies, a harpy, one dridder, some smaller predators and I are sorry to add, also a giant naga.
- Wait a minute - interrupts Indiana - When did you kill a giant naga?
- When I needed to climb that tree, during our trip. I haven´t speak about it to avoid offending Manzo. Then Randall looks back at Kai and continues:
- I´m sorry for talking about it my friend, because I know that the death of other monster girls hurt you. Especially when also is a giant naga. I would very much like it had not been necessary. Unfortunately, your good behavior towards smaller species is an exception in Felarya.
- I appreciate your consideration Randall, and I want to say I am amazed by a gojirian have helped them as described. I never imagined that the appreciation of them by humans was so great!
- By the way, my friend, I said to Manzo don´t hurt you.
- Thanks a lot, Randall! Now, you and your traveling mate can climb on my shoulders and hold my hair. - Says Kai ducking until very close to the ground.
- I ... I'm not going to do that! - Says Indiana.
- He's afraid of me, like all humans. - Says the naga giant, such a sad way that makes the archaeologist feel ashamed of himself before that embarrassing situation caused by his phobia.
- I could say that this is the fault of Vivian that nearly ate, but the real cause is that still in our home world; Dr. Jones had an accident involving snakes as a teenager. Because of this he is terrified of snakes, doesn’t matter the size! But the chance we take a ride on you is too good to be ruled this way. We have to find a way to work around this issue...

Looking around, Randall sees the hull of a noghdong, a type of turtle that could be up to 50 foots length, the height of a four-story building. But that the hull had to be one that had died at a young age, because the size was only nine foots. So the FBI agent has an idea.
He approaches Kai and whispers something in her ear. The naga giant smiles and stretching the highest possible body, it begins to pick up large amounts of leaves, with which it fills the empty shell and then puts it between her breasts, adjusting the kimono to stay firmly in place. Randall smiles and says:
- Perfect! Now wait a minute while I take care of the next step!
- What stage is that? - Indiana question without understanding the purpose of it all.
- I will do so overcome your snake’s phobia, doctor. Jones. At least, temporarily.
So saying, Randall takes off his tie and uses it to cover the eyes of the archaeologist, doing two laps around the Indian head before tying with a firm knot. So, asks:
- Now tell me doctor: still afraid Kai?
- How can I be afraid her this way? I'm blind like a bat!
- This was my intention. Now listen carefully: Kai will put it into the hull, along with the bags and then I will come too. Then Kai will lead us to the Dimensional Gate. And it was thought that Manzo was fast, just wait until Kai start running! Will be like aboard a locomotive at full speed!
- Now my beloved friend, can you could put us on board? Indiana soon feels being erected carefully, and then being put on soft green leaves. Hear the bags being put together and then a sound he presumed to be Randall also be accommodated in the hull and take off his hat, saying:
- I'll put your hat in the bags along with mine, so they do not fly away. Well my dear Kai, go ahead!
 Indiana Jones feels the body to be pushed back by the sudden acceleration. He could feel the wind whistle through above his head. And hear Randall say:
- If we were walking, it would take a week to get to the neighborhood of Ur-Sagol. Now, with the help of Kai, we will be there before the end of the day!
Indiana could not even think of an answer. Besides the wind, could also hear the sound of the heart of the naga giant beating fast. It was like being next to a room where someone was beating a huge drum. However despite loud, the sound was comforting and before realized the archaeologist are deeply asleep.

He wakes up hours later, when Randall removes the necktie, saying:
- We arrived at the place of our departure, Doctor Jones!
Indiana realizes that was out of the hull, with the bags next to him and the new hat. Looking ahead, sees a high tower with no doors or windows and further, a kilometer or little less, several buildings that stood out a long, high wall of stone. Randall explains:
- The city you are seeing is called Ur-Sagol. According to the people of Felarya,their population disappeared 2,000 years ago under mysterious circumstances. I think we can say that this place is the local version of Atlantis, because as that legendary island,there everyone has many questions about Ur-Sagol, and few reliable answers.

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Rescue in Felarya
Part 2 of 8

Them walk for a while in silence, but when the archeolist will say something to the traveling mate, Ross raises his hand stopping him. Then pulls to the side going behind a tree, and says quietly:
- Stay quiet.The VIP guests are coming.
Indiana frowns, but do not delay in it the sound of many footsteps, coming soon. Soon comes a wolfish-looking animal, but with six legs and so big like a bus. Behind him come over seven equal to the first, which continue going down the same road where they had been minutes before. Ross waits until no longer possible to hear more steps from predators.
- Let's move quickly,but without running.
- What were those colossus? - Asks Jones, still with his heart beating fast while both go in the opposite direction of the giant beasts.
- Them are called Kensha.The claws of the legs secrete a paralyzing poison, and their jaws are able to grind the toughest shells. After that pack finishes their feast, all that remains of the two fairies will be some blood stains on the forest ground.
- At this moment,I have something in common with the Kensha,because I also wanna food!
- Now that you mention this,I'm in the same situation. Wait here while I go get something to us. Indiana Jones waiting and twenty minutes later Randall back carrying a huge bird as big as him, with multicolored plumage like that of a parrot, and he was headless. From inside the larger bag, Steven takes a knife and begins the task of plucking and eviscerating the prey he had slaughtered and gradually you can see that the animal had wings that looked like those of a bat.
- This is the feathered parrot. It is much larger than its namesake on Earth and a curious fact is that in fact it is not a bird, but a mammal.
- So what's the reason for the name?
- He has the ability to perfectly mimic various sounds,including the roar of a Kensha beast. Only when you realize that the trick did not work is that flees flying. By the way, I could pick up some leaves for us to use as food? - Ross says, pointing to a nearby bush. Ross cut the bird into small pieces,while Indiana uses the leaves to cover the floor. To eat the first piece, Indiana Jones says:
- The meat of this animal is sweet!
- Yes, this is because it feeds on nectar and sweet fruits. When they finish the banquet, Indiana looks to rest and says:
- What do we do with all this? There must still be some fifteen pounds of meat!
- And this parrot was not the greatest. Media just a meter and a half.
- What? What is the maximum size of this species?
- Twenty foots high. But I could not carry something so big! Now, to answer your earlier question, I'll smoke all and save. The light beam exiting the Steven's eyes is a soft ice-blue hue because the temperature of the burst was lower. He keeps every piece in the bag and after completing the task, they resume walking.

Meanwhile in Chordoni,Vivian sat on her bed inside the cave where she lived, eating the fruits of their garden and Crisis had picked for her.
- You do not want me to leave and try to find some tasty humans to you?
- Forget it. Humans do not approach here except by chance,and I want you to stay away, because I will need constant care. No hunting in remote areas.Now please put another dressing with herbs in my head. Crisis obeys and Vivian lies in bed,closing her eyes. On the outside, the evening draws to a close and the night begins.

Far away, Randall Ross had found a V-shaped space between two huge roots for him and Indiana the night. He says:
- I'll take the first guard shift.Sleep quiet.
Archaeologist smiles and covers his face with his hat while Ross remained standing a few meters away with his hands in his pockets, thoughtfully.
(Oh, Mr. Jones! What is your reaction when you know the whole truth about me, and the content of the bags you're carrying?) In a nearby tree, was a woman was on a branch to 90 foots above the ground, watching Randall and Indiana carefully in silence.

The journey of the two men begin the next day, talking with Indiana on Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor naval base in Hawaii, resulting in the entry of the United States in World War II on the Allied side. Then comes the account of the victories of the Japanese to the Battle of Midway in June 1942, when the Americans managed to sink two cruisers and four Nipponese aircraft carrier killing 2500 men, including several experienced admirals and the elite pilots of the Japanese Navy . The archaeologist notes that that event had marked the end of the Japanese initiative in naval war, and the beginning of the progressive American advance in the Pacific. Ross comments:
- This all proves that a war not just has good generals, but it is also vital to know to take advantage of the blunders of the enemy generals!
- What you mean?
- Well, look what happened in Pearl Harbor: Japanese destroyed several major ships, but not the maintenance workshops, where ships had been damaged only were soon repaired. More incredible still, did not cast any bombs on tanks that stored tens of millions fuel gallons! Had they done so,it is very likely that we had never won at Midway, and who knows how far Imperial Japan would have gone! The war could have reached our West Coast of our country and if so, do not even want to imagine how many lives would have been lost.Indiana opens the bottle of water to take a sip, but in doing so, realize that is empty.Ross looks around and sees a large plant bowl-shaped.
- No problem! See an oxalis!
- And why is that good?
- Because this plant collects rainwater, which is purified as if he had just gone through a filter of the highest quality. And it's not just that. Extend your hand I will show you something very interesting.
Archaeologist obeys and has a surprise:
- The water is cold!
- Yes is why the people here gave oxalis the nickname "Jungle refrigerator."
They fill the bottles and proceed when suddenly Steven makes a stop signal. Seconds later, a unicorn comes up to 20 foots high and bright colors. The animal is looking at them for a while and then goes on their own journey.
- We were lucky, Doctor Jones. Really lucky!
- Other dangerous monster?
- Yes it’s called echydin. When it finds prey, it is examining to determine whether it is edible or not, if you have the appropriate size and if it are hungry, teleports the victim directly into the stomach! To make matters worse,have fast digestion. But this that saw us must have been with a full belly.
- But as we have not heard such a big animal is approaching? It should weigh as much as a hippo!
- The echydin moves in total silence. Other interesting magical skill.
- And how you realized it?
- Instinct.
That answer does not satisfy Indiana, which has the feeling that the truth was different. But he decides not express his suspicion. A few hours later, they stop to rest and eat, before resuming the journey. The rest of the day passes without anything interesting happening and by nightfall, new stop sleeping between two roots of a huge tree.

Meanwhile in Chordoni, Vivian looking into a round mirror frames and light wooden cable, making sure that the wound on his head was about to heal. Another day of rest and compresses with medicinal herbs and she would be able to find out who or what they had reached, to take appropriate action. In his optimism, the giant naga forget something very important: Crisis was a good friend and an also great hunter. But she hadn´t nurse´s diploma ...

The Indian's sleep is interrupted by a alarm´s cry:
Scared he stands up looks around. The darkness was complete, and he can barely perceive the Ross figure that tells you while pushing upwards of one of the roots and gives him the bags all the bags and bottles:
- Stay sitting there until I tell you to get off! A tonorion is coming!
Archaeologist obey before stop to think and ask:
- What are tono ...
The answer comes next, when another local nightmares comes before him: a bizarre combination of a centipede with front legs of a god praises with four red eyes that glowed in the dark and measuring 28 foots in length!
The monster raises his upper body emitting a strange sound, which is abruptly interrupted when Ross moves his head from left to right and its blue burst cut the top of the monster's body, which falls to the ground still twitching. After some time, the FBI agent says:
- Now you can go down. We are safe.
Indiana Jones delivers bags and down, still trembling with fear. Closely examines the dead monster and then says:
- This creature is an attack ace biology laws! Insects breathe using the trachea, an organ that becomes ineffective when their size becomes too large. Because of this, on Earth there are no insects that have nor twenty centimeters long, however only see the size of it!
- Tonorions can reach up to 120 foots, Doctor Jones.
- And again, I ask, in the name of God, how is this possible?
- I think the evil deity who created this beasts rewrote the laws of biology according to their own convenience. - Randall responds with a shrug. - Now go to sleep elsewhere.
- And how we will walk in the midst of this darkness? Barely has enough natural light to see some of the ground before us!
- I have a piece of equipment in my bag that can help solve this problem.
Randall begins to open the bag as they spot a bunch of bright balls of different colors, measuring from three to eight centimeters in diameter. They illuminated the area around like a group of people with torches, but without radiating heat. Randall says
- How lucky! A bunch of Whispers Wisps! We will use their light to guide us.
- What do you know about these creatures?
- They came from some unknown dimension centuries ago and roam Felarya since. They are allies and not enemies of anyone, but if someone hits them with any offensive weapon or magic explode, stunning their tormentor and possibly catching the attention of any predator nearby. Since I will not attack them, we haven´t nothing to fear.
- And why are called Whispers, if they are silent like shadows?
- Because they are intelligent creatures with telepathic powers. Anyone who has made contact with them says that their voices sound incredibly low inside the mind, as someone whispering.
After forty minutes, we walk they see small luminous beings entering a tree with a crack next to the ground. Going after them the two men see that it is a hollow space, large enough to fit an eighteen-wheeler. Indiana sees Whispers passing behind the wall in the background and as we do it, the place will become darker. Randall motions with his hand to both sit, shortly before they were in total darkness. Archaeologist hears the voice of the travel companion saying:
- Whisper pass through any solid matter.Trees,rocks and even mountains are not obstacles for them. Now you need to sleep, Doctor Jones.
 - Only if I drank a whole glass of soothing! And this place has no far ...
But he cannot complete the sentence. Faints without any apparent cause and falls into a deep sleep, dreaming he was back to Earth, giving archeology classes on Marshall College, in Connecticut.

 Wake up the next day with the sunlight streaming through the opening. Randall comes out first, and after a few seconds says:
- Free Way, Doctor Jones! Let's proceed.
After a while, Ross realizes that Indiana looks dull and asks:
- Something bothers you, Dr. Jones?
- Yes After that attacks that tonorion, I was not nervous that I thought would stay up all night! But instead, I blacked out like a candle! I wonder what happened.
- Maybe it was a side effect of the presence of Whispers.
- But why they would do me harm?
- I'm not saying they did. You should keep in mind that evens the inhabitants of Felarya, who live with the Whispers for centuries, they are an enigma.No one knows their motives, and not real magnitude of their powers.
A satisfactory explanation enough. Indiana back to talking about World War II and describes the advance of the troops of Hitler in Europe, conquering one country after another, even the most audacious bid Nazi leader: the attack on the Soviet Union.
- What Hitler was crazy enough to do this? I do not believe!
- But it's true. The Nazi army did enough damage there, coming up to only a few dozen miles from Moscow.
- And what was it that made him stop? The winter, as the Napoleon's troops?
- Yes, winter has caused many casualties among the troops of Hitler. But Stalingrad was an even more important factor.
- I remember that before the communists came to power, that city was called Volgograd. But of course as a megalomaniac Stalin never resist the temptation to honor himself on a large scale.
- The Soviet resistance in that city was heroic, almost superhuman. The soldiers of the Red Army fought like demons, but civilians suffered most, and there were even cases of cannibalism! In all, 750,000 lives were lost during the siege. But the Nazis were defeated and from there, the tide of war in Europe turned against them.
- How were things in the Middle East? I know that one general named Rommel was sent there where he earned the nickname "Desert Fox", due to their strategic skills.
- Yes, it was a tough nut to crack for the British troops, but was defeated at the Battle of El Alamein in Egypt on September 5, 1942. Finally, the Axis forces were driven out of the Middle East after the reconquest of Tunisia in May 1943.

Far away in Chordoni, Vivian examines herself using a round mirror with cable on the nightstand of a drawer that was beside the bed.
("The bump on my head gone. I think today in the afternoon I can ever get out of bed! But I'm hungry! I hope you come back soon Crisis with the ingredients for the soup that I asked.")
Not far from the vast cavern that served as a home for Vivian, a group of eight nekos (Five men and three women) had stopped to rest in a small clearing, putting large bags of her back on the floor. They shuffled their languidly cat tails as they ate. Minutes before one of the girls, pink hair had turned away from colleagues to pee and had barely replaced the panties in place when suddenly she has a bad feeling.
The hairs on her ears and tail are bristling feline, but she remains calm and returns with travel companions, but with the care of a soldier walking in a minefield. Get out a small round case and pretends to be tidied her hair, but in fact using the small mirror to observe what was above it in there, see the blue eyes of Crisis, ready to pounce.
But instead of screaming, she takes from inside her blouse a glass globe the size of an apple, unties white scarf around his neck, puts the globe on it and turns hurling it. The globe hit a tree ten foots above below of the Crisis eyes. A green cloud expands reaching the eyes of giant naga screaming in pain as the neko girl runs along her friends, shouting:
Others are terrified nekos however the oldest, a purple-haired neko keep calm and says to the other:
- Take the bags and to group up around me! Now!
The team meets grabbing their respective bags, while the leader begins to cast a spell. Crisis recovers and attacks, but the prey she so wanted to catch vanish into thin air, and instead of taking one, the blonde naga can only hit your head on a rock the size of a Volkswagen Beetle.
("Now who's with a bump on the head is me!") - She says to herself. ("Alas!" "I lost all those delicious nekos!" Vivian would have been so happy if I took one or two for it! ")
It is then that Crisis realize that the neko magician had left their bags behind. Looking into them, seeing that they were filled with small round fruit, bright red. Her nostrils dilate as she sniffs content.
("That great smell! I think I'll put it in soup Vivian! She'll love it!")
Later on the cave, Crisis serves a soup with fruit she had picked up in Vivian garden, to which she had added the contents of the bag neko. Vivian takes the soup in large silver bowl with greed, but looking at Crisis, she notices had bloodshot eyes and had a bump on the head:
- What happened to you?
- A harpy warned me that he had seen a nekos group around. I managed to find them and wanted to bring them to you, but then, one neko I had not seen reached my eyes with something strange and other conjured a magic that took them all away. I did not catch any. I am so upset ... For both of us!
- But do not worry! Sometimes it happens. Hmmm, this soup was great! Thank you!
Crisis scratches her head and smiled, she said:
- Glad I did not bother! Now stay where I'll wash the bowl for you.
- Do not bother yourself! I myself do it.
- None of that! - Crisis says, pushing her back to bed. Rest some more.
Vivian think better not to start an increasing discussion, but while lying belly up, think of the taste of the soup. She knew all the fruits of your garden and none of them had the bittersweet flavor that was still in his mouth. He asks herself:
("What kind of seasoning Crisis put in the soup?) And then she remembers seeing small red spots amid the colored liquid cream. ("Bittersweet berries flavor" ... I think I've read about it in any of my books." "But what was exactly?")
Just dozing, but suddenly wake up, remembering the source of flavor. She had read about that kind of fruit years ago. Belonged to a spice that between nekos was called "Celestial Drops" a rare spice that they worshiped, paying dearly for it. To the palate naga, it was just a bitter fruit. But there was a rare variety, the “Ruby-Pearl” with a toxin so strong that the giant nagas not like to hear talk about as to call it "Naga Nightmare" because of its terrible side effects to them.
Taking the mirror, Vivian looks at it, and is perplexed. Crisis back shortly after and then realizes that the neck of Vivian was twice the normal width and asks:
 - Wow What happened to your neck!? And because the nightstand drawer is out the front? I could have sworn that was intact when I left!
 Unable to speak due to inflammation of the vocal cords,Vivian motions with her index finger to Crisis move closer.When the blonde naga is near,she´s pulled down by the hair, then Vivian begins to hit Crisis in the ass to the front of the drawer, she had plucked for use as a paddle.Blankly,Crisis question while shaking arms up and down:
- What I done wrong?Stop,Vivian!This huuuuuuuurts!!!
The idea to write this story came about after I have seen this pic Why did it have to be snakes ? by Karbo made by a designer called Karbo.He created a world called Felarya, facing a fetish called vore, consisting of swallowing someone alive and whole!
When asked Karbo is the unlucky man in the mouth of the giant naga (Girl monster that can be up to 100 foots high!) Was the Indiana Jones or not, he said it was just a randon guy.
But the resemblance was so great that I decided to make this Fanfic, where Indiana is going to Felarya through a magical portal where almost turns snake food! Escapes close shave because mysterious and unknown forces help him. Sometime later he meet my OC, which aims to go to until a place where will be possible a safe return to Earth,doing a requirement that Indiana feels odd, but accepts nonetheless.
With the Karbo´s permission,I used several his characters: Vivian(giant naga)…  Crisis(other naga)… Cypress (Dryad)… Belletia(harpy)…
That said, here are information about characters and events mentioned in my story that happen in Cuba 1955,before of the revolution that put Fidel Castro on the charge.
- Harry Houdini was a great illusionist and stunt performer that wowed the United States on the early XX century.…
- J. Edgar Hoover was the head of the FBI for 48 years.… Despite his honesty, he was accused of persecuting intellectuals (among them John Lennon and Ernest Hemingway), besides social leaders, including Martin Luther King, Nobel Peace Prize 1964.
- Lando the monsters maker is a comic book character created in the 30s.… Though not my creation, I include him in my story because he are in the public domain.
- Randall Ross (my OC) faces a robot. This is an example of how people imagined a robot in the 30s of the last century.…
- Abwehr was the name of the intelligence service of Nazi Germany.
- The case Rosenberg was the greatest of the spy scandal on the 50´s years. Doubts about the real couple's fault began at the time of the trial and persist on the current days. Some people say that the Rosenbergs died only because of a perverse combination of anti-Semitism (Both were Jewish), with the Cold War paranoia.…
- The Marx Brothers were a group of comedians who began their career in theater and then was very successful in movies.Their films are considered classics of the genre.…
- The gojirian race doesn´t exist in Felarya.I saw Jira in a story on DA but unlikely,I didn´t remember keep the information about him.So,I ask to everyone imagine a huge monster man with human face.
- The Dresden bombing is one of the most terrible events on the WWII.The havoc was huge and the killing on the civil population too.However the exact casualities number was controversy´s cause by a long time,and the real number only was known many time after that the Indiana´s adventure happen.…
- When the movie "Gojira" go to the United States, Gojira had its name changed to Godzilla, with which he became internationally famous.…
- McCarthyism was so named because of its "creator", US Senator Joseph McCarthy. He spread a wave of hysteria throughout the United States, ruined the careers of artists, comics industry professionals and the lives of many ordinary people as well. Finally, the megalomania of Mc McCarthy and his disregard for the civil rights of the accused ended his political career, and he became a pariah everyone wanted to forget. Only relatives and some friends cared about his melancholy end.…
- Joseph Wertham was the psychiatrist who wrote the book "Seduction of the Innocent," that accused comic books of corrupting the youth, leading adolescents to homosexuality and to the practice of crimes, due to the wave of youth crime in the second half of the 40s and in the 50s.…; It has been used for almost destroy the comic books industry,and has resulted on the creation of the infamous Comics Code,in practice self-censorship law of the comic book publishers to avoid lawsuits.
Later research showed that the majority of juvenile offenders Americans the years 40/50 were children of dead or missing soldiers during the Second World War. The absence of a father to serve as a role model and set limits, is that in fact had led many boys astray.
Wertham realized this while working on the book, but omitted information, distorted facts, used phrases out of context and to put falses outgivings, all to "confirm" his bizarre theories. The disclosure these fraudulent and unscrupulous methods destroyed his credibility with the academic community and the public.
In the 70s he tried to redeem himself by praising the comics in an interview, but this contradictory behavior only served to demoralize him further. Wertham died in oblivion,without being regretted by anyone.

                                                                     Resgate em Felarya


A ideia para escrever essa história surgiu após eu ter visto esse desenho Why did it have to be snakes ? by Karbo ,feito por um desenhista chamado Karbo.Ele criou um mundo chamado Felarya, voltado para um fetiche chamado vore,que consiste em engolir alguém vivo e inteiro!
Maiores explicações podem podem ser encontradas nesse site… (Infelizmente,apenas em inglês! ^^; )

 Por motivos que ignoro isso parece fascinar os americanos, mas passa batido no Brasil (Desconheço qualquer site nacional sobre o tema), onde é mostrado de forma esporádica em alguns desenhos como os Simpsons  e Gravity Falls em Verãoween,12º capítulo da 1ª temporada.

 Quando perguntei ao Karbo se o homem azarado dentro da boca da naga gigante (Garota monstro que pode ter até 30 metros de altura!) era o Indiana Jones, ele respondeu que era apenas um sujeito qualquer.

 Mas a semelhança era tão grande que eu resolvi fazer esse fanfic, aonde Indiana vai para Felarya através de um portal mágico, onde só não é devorado graças a súbita intervenção de forças misteriosas e desconhecidas.Algum tempo depois encontra o meu OC, que se propõe a levá-lo até um local onde será possível voltar em segurança para a Terra fazendo uma exigência que Indiana considera estranha, mas aceita mesmo assim.
 Nessa história,eu usei várias personagens do Karbo,com a devida autorização dele.São elas:Vivian(naga gigante)… Crisis(outra naga)… Belletia(harpia)… Cipreste(dríade)…

Dito isso, aqui vão informações sobre outros personagens e fatos citados na minha história.Tudo começa em 1955 na ilha de Cuba,antes da revolução que pôs Fidel Castro no comando.
- Harry Houdini foi um incrível ilusionista e escapista(Especialista em fugas)que fascinou as platéias americanas nas primeiras décadas do século XX.…

- John Edgar Hoover foi o chefe do FBI por 48 anos.… Apesar da sua honestidade, foi acusado de perseguir intelectuais (ex:John Lennon e Ernest Hemingway), assim como lideres sociais entre eles Martin Luther King, Prêmio Nobel da Paz de 1964.

- Lando o fazedor de monstros e quebrador de mentes é um personagem de HQ criado nos anos… Apesar de não ser criação minha, pude incluí-lo na minha história porque ele está em domínio público.
 - Conheci o personagem Jira em uma história aqui no DA,mas infelizmente não me lembrei de guardar as informações sobre ele.Então,peço a todos que imaginem um enorme homem-monstro de feições humanóides.

 - Randall Ross(o meu OC),enfrenta um robô.Esse é um exemplo de como as pessoas imaginavam um robô nos anos 30 do século passado.…

- Abwehr era o nome do serviço de espionagem da Alemanha Nazista.

- O caso Rosenberg foi o maior escândalo de espionagem dos anos 50. As dúvidas sobre a real culpa do casal começaram na época do julgamento e persistem ainda hoje.Há quem diga que os Rosenberg só morreram por causa de uma perversa combinação de antissemitismo (Ambos eram judeus), com o clima de paranoia da Guerra Fria.…

- Os irmãos Marx eram um grupo de comediantes que começou a sua carreira no teatro e depois fez muito sucesso no cinema. Seus filmes são considerados clássicos do gênero.…
 - A destruição de Dresden foi um dos mais terríveis ataques contra populações civis ocorridos na 2ª Guerra Mundial,e também alvo de grandes polêmicas por várias décadas.O número exato de mortes entre os habitantes da cidade só foi estabelecido muito tempo após ao que é mostrado nessa história.…

- Quando o filme do "rei dos monstros"foi exportado para os Estados Unidos,Gojira teve o seu nome mudado para Godzilla, com o qual se tornou internacionalmente famoso.…

- O macarthismo recebeu esse nome por causa do seu “criador”, o senador americano Joseph McCarthy. Ele espalhou uma onda de histeria por todo o território americano, arruinado as carreiras de artistas, profissionais da indústria de quadrinhos e as vidas de muitas pessoas comuns também. Por fim, a megalomania de McCarthy e seu menosprezo pelos direitos civis dos acusados puseram fim a sua carreira política, e ele se tornou um pária que todos queriam esquecer. Só os parentes e alguns amigos se importaram com seu fim melancólico.…

 - Joseph Wertham foi o psiquiatra que escreveu o livro “Sedução dos Inocentes”, que acusava as histórias em quadrinhos de corromper a juventude, induzindo os adolescentes ao homossexualismo e a prática de crimes, devido à onda de criminalidade juvenil na segunda metade dos anos 40 e nos anos 50. Isso foi usado para quase destruir a indústria dos gibis, e levou a criação do infame Comics Code, na prática uma lei de autocensura das editoras de quadrinhos para evitar processos judiciais.

Pesquisas posteriores mostraram que a maioria dos delinquentes juvenis americanos dos anos 40/50 eram filhos de militares mortos ou desaparecidos durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial. A ausência de um pai para servir como modelo de comportamento e impor limites, é que de fato havia levado muitos garotos para o mau caminho.

  Wertham percebeu isso enquanto trabalhava no livro, mas omitiu informações,distorceu fatos,utilizou frases fora de contexto e até pôs declarações falsas,tudo para “confirmar” suas teorias bizarras.A revelação desses métodos fraudulentos e inescrupulosos destruiu sua credibilidade perante a comunidade acadêmica e a opinião pública.

 Nos anos 70 ele tentou se redimir elogiando as histórias em quadrinhos numa entrevista, mas esse comportamento contraditório serviu apenas para desmoralizá-lo ainda mais.Morreu no esquecimento,sem ser lamentado por ninguém.…


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Personal Quote: Write fanfics.Do one camping set (Maybe two).

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