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Gravity Falls.The Monster-Girls
Two weeks ago, I take part a Halloween contest, with a story. Unfortunately, I could not finish the translation in time.
  Anyway, here is my work: I´m a Gravity Falls fan. So,I did a  Halloween adventure with the girls from this series. In it, the life of Mabel, her friends (and an enemy) takes a completely different way, because of the obsessive love of Li´l Gideon, Bill Cipher, and some magic talismans.
So,with you ... The Gravity Falls Monster-Girls!

Gravity Falls.As Garotas-Monstro

Duas semanas atrás, entrei num concurso de Halloween com o objetivo de participar dele com uma história. Infelizmente, não consegui terminar a tradução a tempo.

 De qualquer jeito, eis o meu trabalho: uma aventura de Halloween com as garotas de Gravity Falls, série da qual eu sou fã. Nela, a vida de Mabel, suas amigas(E uma inimiga) toma um rumo totalmente diferente, devido ao amor obsessivo de Gideãozinho, Bill Cipher, e alguns talismãs mágicos usados do jeito errado.

Então com vocês... As Garotas-Monstro de Gravity Falls!


Gravity Falls – The Monster Girls
Part 3 of 3

The family members are unable to speak or even to think anything. Is Mabel that breaks the impasse, beginning to narrate everything that had happened with her and her friends, since she had received the call from fake Dipper. When it ends, Manly Dan breaks silence raising clenched fists while saying:
 - The Li´l Gideon lucky to have been flung into the Bottomless Pit by Cipher because otherwise, I would do it How he dared to turn my beloved daughter Wendy in a monster-girl?
 Upon hearing that, a tear rolls down her face teen, who says:
 - So that's as you see me now, Dad? A monster?
  Realizing the great folly he had done, Dan goes to hugs tenderly his daughter, stroking her hair and answered:
 - Of course not, dear ... But well, I do not want you still been human! Now, listen carefully: no matter what you look like , I will always love you!
  Candy Chiu's parents were beside her daughter, commenting:
- So, you've become a beautiful kumiho!
- What is it? - Soos question.
 - A fox woman with magical powers of the Korean folklore. - Replies the father of Candy.
 - Do you have magical powers, daughter? - Asks the mother.
 - Yes, I have! Are still not very big, but I think it will improve with time.
   Grenda down the totem pole and approaching the parents, who embrace thrilled. Mom asks.
 - And you Grenda?
 - Snake-girl? - She responds with a softer tone, which was nothing like thickly that for so long, had always constrained.
 - I know the answer! - Stanford says. - She is a naga, snake-people of the Hindu folklore. I saw this on a TV show several years ago. Now girls, what can you tell us about something about Pacifica Northwest? Ava and Betty, those two who always accompanied her, swearing she was also the same place where you were and since then, she's gone!
 - She fell on the Bottomless Pit? - Dan asked.
 - Oh no, nothing like that! She just went through a big change - Mabel responds that looks up, puts her hands on the sides of the mouth and screams!:
 - You may appear, Little P!
A figure descends from on high in a spiral trajectory, but only when you get closer is that everyone can see it clearly, because of the size and color, hard to be seen at night. It was light gray and small, with only two feet high, with iris-violet magenta ice and large pupils. His arms and legs were small like a newborn baby, ending in tapered edges rounded ends, no hands or feet. I was naked, but that did not matter, because she was asexual. Just looking at her face more closely is that the perceived similarity with the spoiled and arrogant daughter of the Northwest family because the shape of the face remained the same, like the long hair with bangs, although she was not wearing more earrings.
 - Her parents offer a fortune for any information to help find her, but do not think they would love to see her like this! - Stan says, while the strange creature floats before him, poking his nose with the tip of the arm.
 - Poor girl! - Says the mother of Mabel.
- Do not waste your pity on her, lady Pines! Why was the Pacific who turned his daughter into a gargoyle girl! We were there and saw it all! - Grenda says angry with her arm upraised.
 - Gideon began to turn us into monster girls to compel Mabel to become his girlfriend. Therefore, he did not want to hurt your daughter. - Adds Wendy.
 - But then the Pacific came from the trees and jumped over Li´l Gideon, saying, “I wanna this magic gadget, to transform Mabel in the most horrible creature I can imagine" - And that's what she did! - Concludes Candy, scowling.
 - You shouldn´t be so hard with Little P! -  says Mabel.
-And you shouldn´t defend her, Mabel. – say Candy.
 - Yes, I should! Because, despite the turnings, all us still know who we are, while Little P does not know more who she is!
 Upon hearing that, Little P Mabel approaches, looks at her frowning and starts waving her arms, emitting sounds that seemed to hum of a bee.
 - Someone know what she’s saying? - Asks Mr. Pines. The Mabel responds:
 - "You´re wrong! I´m Little P! I always was Little P! "
- Oh, my God! - Exclaims the Grenda´s mom - She lost her memory!
 Mr. Pines question his daughter:
- As you can understand it, Mabel?
- I cannot explain.But I and others can understand everything she says.
 - As far as we could see - says Wendy - It seems that now she has the mind of a child of three years old.
 - And where did this name? - Asks Mrs. Pines.
- Your daughter idea! - Grenda says. - Once the turning of Pacific ended,Mabel approached her she was floating in the air, until the two become a foot away from each other she said, "You're a cutie!And so tiny!Need have a new name!Yeah!I already know!Little P!" When she heard this, Pacifica rejoiced and began to fly in circles waving her arms while saying:" Little P!I´m Little P! "
- And do not let her size fool you! - Says Mabel - The Little P is very powerful!Without her help, we would have never gotten into the Safe Shelter!
 - What is it? - Dan Manly question.
 - Something I saw in a diary made by an unknown author, wrote a long time ago. He has lots of information about strange things and mysterious places of Gravity Falls. One is Safe Shelter, where we are living now.
 - The place looks like a bomb shelter, made during the Cold War: concrete walls, reinforced main doors, hidden location, emergency exit ... - Wendy says.
 - But the front door was blocked by a rock the size of a van! All we join to try to remove it, and she has not moved not an inch! - Says Grenda - Then the Little P approached and asked: "Stir big rock?" We laughed.
 - I did not laugh. - Mabel says. Candy confirms and continues:
 - Yeah! You the one that was just looked at her and said: “Yes! Can you help? "Then the P held out her little arms and just ahead of the tips, small circles of light blue stone rose into the air appeared without the P made any apparent effort. She looked at us as if to know what to do next. Mabel pointed to an empty fifty feet away from the ground, and the Little P threw the stone there as easily as if it were a tennis ball! So Mabel held her and they stood laughing and dancing!
 - Little P, the incredible! - Mabel says, raising his arms in what is imitated by the little friend who screams like a happy baby.
  Waddles, which stood beside the arms of the Soos, lower his head and grunts sadly, thinking that its owner does not want him anymore. However, Mabel realizes this, grabs, hugs and says:
 - Hey do not be so! Little P is my friend, and you still my beloved  pig pet!
 Upon hearing that, Waddles rubs his face on the face of Mabel and grunts of happiness.
 At this time, Dan question:
- Hey do not be so! Little P is my friend, and you still my dear pet pig!
 Upon hearing that, Waddles rubs his face on the face of Mabel and grunts of happiness.
 At this time, Dan question:
 - Where you and the other girls get those clothes? You have never used something like this and know that they will not, for I have seen many times in the city.
 - Oh, a bunch of university students who were camped in the forest. - Wendy responds.
 - They gave these costumes for you? - Asks the mother of Grenda.
 - Not exactly ... - Grenda says, embarrassed.
  Mister Stanford say:
 - Mabel Pines! Tell to us all that happens!
 The girl begins to speak.
 - We left the forest and saw the eight girls beside two large stalls, preparing food, washing clothes and talking.
  - The food had a very nice smell! - Interrupts Grenda, licking their chops.
 - So I asked them: "Hello! Can you help us? "- Mabel goes.
- But instead of answering, they went screaming like crazy and rushed into a red Land Rover that gone, peeling out!
 - There was also a Toyota 4Runner in place though, as it was further away from where they were assembled they ignored it, so terrified that have stayed with us! - Candy says.
  - Will we get so awful and so scary? - Mumbles Grenda looking down while playing the repeated indicators times.
 - No way, my daughter! - Replied the  mother, stroking her head.
 - But we do not we pulled a finger on any of them! If they said anything different thing for someone that is a lie! - Mabel boring points, while P Small shaking arms with a frown, buzzing.
 - She says she did not like the noise that the girls made - translates Candy.
- As we were hungry, we eat the food that was being prepared and then look for costumes that serve us and chose these. I was not cool with that halter and shorts? - Mabel question, posturing for parents. The Mabel´s mom tells angrily, shaking the finger:
 - Mabel Pines! I and your father did not educate you to become a thief!
 - We had no choice! - Responds her - Becoming a Werewolf girl, the Wendy´s blouse and bra and panties tore up! She was almost naked! The shorts and panties of Grenda also lost and torn blouse, she stayed with her breasts showing. The ripped my sweater because of the wings, and lost her panties due to tail. The Candy also lost her panties, for the same reason. The costumes of the Little P are gone, but in her case, this doesn´t matter. Yes, we took things that did not belong to us, but what do you want us to do? Walk in rags, like a bunch of tramps?
 All parents were silent, exchanging glances and after thinking better of it, concluded that their daughters had done the right thing, in those extreme circumstances.
 Wendy adds:
- Except for the clothes and the food are no significant changes in anything that was in the camp, and there they left a lot behind! - Wendy says.
 - Cell phones, laptops, wallets with money and credit cards CDs and DVDs All that we have left in the same place where we met, I swear! - Candy says, looking at the parents.
 - We believe in you child. - Her mother says, patting her on the head.
 - Now talk to us as it is the place you call the Safe Shelter. - Dan asked.
  - It has a large living room, three bedrooms, bathroom, a gym with workout equipment and a kitchen with six-burner stove and cupboards that are full of military rations and canned foods. - Wendy responds.
 - The bedrooms have closets, but unfortunately the rooms are unfurnished and have to sleep on the floor. - Interrupts Candy, slightly annoyed.
 - Can we buy beds and mattresses for you later. - Dan tells Wendy continues:.
 - According to a manual found at the site, the water comes from a nearby stream, and a windmill hidden in forest provides wind power. Just not sure if the wiring is still reliable. In the living room wall, we saw a calendar whose last mark was made on March 10, 1987.
- I'll do a complete overhaul of the electrical wiring for you - says the father of Candy - I'm an electrician.
 - And I, plumber - says the father of Grenda. - But you will have to wait awhile. The city is full of reporters and FBI agents, because everyone believes that you were kidnapped or killed.
 - How our daughter will benefit from these services, we will pay to you as soon as possible - says Mr. Pines.
 - Our daughters also - says the father of Grenda - So do not think to charge something.
- Oh, do not worry about these things! - Mabel says - just because Uncle Stan will win a lot of money with us!
 - What are you talking about, Mabel? - Stanford asks, confused.
 - Those universities will soon spread everywhere rumors about "The Gravity Falls monster girls" you will be able to make posters, buttons, posters, and dolls of us.
 - Hey, this is an excellent idea! - Uncle says rubbing his chin and smiling happy just thinking about the profits you could have. But their ramblings logo are abruptly interrupted by Dan Manly that grabs you by the collar of his jacket, hanging him in the air with his left hand and as she says, with his fist:
 - Listen well, Stanford! If you do any malicious stuff with my daughter, I will break your arms and legs ... IN MANY PIECES!
 - I do not even think of doing such a thing! Look, I'm swearing with both hands raised, without crossing fingers back! - The scammer replies in a cold sweat.
  Realizing that the old man was too scared to lie to Dan replaces the ground.
 - Well, now that everything has been cleared up and everyone is calmer, it's time to go.- says Mabel
 - This is really needed, my daughter? - Asks Mr. Pines.
 - You know that we need, Dad.
 Candy sighs sadly, saying:
 - I'll miss the guys on my magazines, CDs and movies. - Candy says.
 - And I, my pet iguana. - Speaks Grenda.
 - With the city full of journalists, will be difficult to bring these things to you. - Indicates the girl's father.
 - It's an idea I had! - Speaks Dipper - Parents of Candy and Grenda take things put them in suitcases and iguana in a cage. Then lead to the Cabin Mystery, which will leave everything on the outside behind the shop along with mattresses and sheets. Then Mabel comes along with the Little P and with her help, takes everything to the shelter.
 - Very well thought out, son! - Says Mr. Pines. - Let's stay in town a little longer to buy new clothes for his sister.
 - Remember that for me, it's best to set aside only buy sweaters and blouses and shorts only forward. Because of the wings and tail.
 - I think we will need your new measures. - Says her mother Candy. Better to include a tape measure on luggage, so you take your measurements, write down everything and then deliver for us.
 - Great idea! - Says the father of Korean girl while Grenda embarrassed whispers to her mom:
 - Since I have no more legs, I cannot use more panties. So buy only long blouses for me!
 The mother nods and that is when Dipper gathers all the courage to make a statement before departure monster girls.
 - Wendy, I want to tell you something very important.
 - Yes, what is it? - She asks curiously, looking down.
 - I like you very much! And my feelings have not changed because of this transformation.
 Manly Dan puts his hand on the boy's shoulder and asks:
 - Are you saying you like my daughter, even if she being a wolf girl?
 - Yes sir! Without any doubt! - Says the guy with determination, before being lifted off the ground by Wendy gives her a tight hug, nearly choking him in the six fed while saying very excitedly:
 - Dipper,my darling! I've had several boyfriends, but none of them told me something so pretty! This really means a lot to me!
 And with those words, she gives a long and passionate kiss on the boy before pouring it on the ground again. Red as a cherry, Dipper can just say:
 - Wow!
Everyone giggles looking the scene except Soos that, without understand nothing, scratch the head
  Waddles holding in her arms, Mabel says:
 - Little P, take the others girls! Let's all return by air!
 The little creature invokes one of his mysterious powers and takes off when Mabel P accompanies rising Wendy, Grenda and Candy. The adult group stares in silence as the girls-monsters disappear into the night.

    The greatest irony was to come. After fleeing monster girls, the college students bunch was lost upon entering a side road and passing a wooden bridge, this cannot take the Land Rover with eight girls inside and the floor breaks. The weight unevenly distributed on the inside with three-five people in front of the rear will sink while the hood rises. Every time someone tried to move, all the bridge creaked.
  At nine o'clock the next morning, the bridge collapses and the car fall. All screaming in panic, knowing that they would die. But the car suddenly halfway. With the stride, the door on the right rear side opens. A little blond-haired girl with pink blouse and gray brown shorts, the other a Japanese black hair and blue eyes with turquoise bikini, who were not wearing seat belts because they sat on the lap of her friends, fall in river passed below. With the strong impact against the water, them faints.
 Others scream in horror but that is when the Little P appears on the right side and Mabel on the left, saying while Wendy and Grenda pass on the right:
 - Stay calm! My friends Lupa and Naga G will save yours!
  The Wendy´s nickname had come from a magazine that Mabel had found on the Safe Shelter, saying that Lupa was a Latin name meaning “she-wolf”.To Grenda ,only put naga more the name´s first name´s letter.
 The two monster girls plunge in the river, saving two universities before they drown and go to riverside. From here, Wendy yells:
  Mabel says, pointing down:
 - Little P, bring them up, along with those who are in the car!
 The little creature obeys and soon puts all safely back on the road, ten foots before the bridge, where Wendy looks at the group and says:
 - Do not get parades around like a bunch of stooges,looking at us!Your friends almost drowned!Make first aid!
 Still amazed and ashamed of apathy herself, the other girls out of the Land Rover and provide the necessary help. After them stay together, without knowing what action to take. Wendy says:
 - You better go back to where they were to pick up your belongings and the other car before someone steals them!
- We only ate the meal they were preparing. - Candy says.
 - And we took some of your clothes, because as should be remembered, we  were in rags! - Grenda says.
 - No problem! At least,you saved our lives! - Meets a girl with green eyes and brown hair in dreadlocks style. Mabel says.
- I would like to apologize for the scare yesterday in the afternoon. I think it was all just a misunderstanding! But do not allow that, and more that scare today disturb your vacations!
At that moment, she realizes that the Little P is floating on a sturdy girl, golden-brown hair and bright green eyes, which was moss green shorts and red bra, poking her in her ample breasts, while emitting brief hums.
 The college student (athletics team captain) was constrained. But at the same time, she thought that little creature ghostly aspect so cute and such an innocent look, that couldn´t not feel fear or anger. Mabel calls the friend´s attention.
  - Yes Little P, we can see that she is busty as Lupa! Now stop with this, because that´s time to go.
 Candy, Wendy and Grenda head for the forest. And while taking off, flying with Little P beside her, Mabel saying:
- Stay here! The region of Gravity Falls is very pretty, and full of cool things!
 A college student with white-blond hair in a neat braid short thick with bangs over her forehead, dark blue eyes wearing gold-rimmed round glasses says, while looking monster girls go away:
 - Coolest than that,impossible!

Thus, soon spreads legend about a group of  monster girls living somewhere in the dense forests of Gravity Falls, helping lost or endangered people.

Ava and Betty move to another city because they felt remorse for leaving Pacifica go alone to meet the danger.In addition,they and their parents feared reprisals from the Northwest family. Bud Gleeful and his wife leave the state of Oregon, going somewhere in the east. Stanford enriches selling all sorts of stuff about the Gravity Falls monster girls, as Mabel had predicted.
Dipper grow-up investigating mysteries.Later,graduate in parapsychology and the occult. Over time, develops authentic mystical powers.
Meets a pretty girl with auburn hair, green eyes and beautiful D-cup boobs called Lunete that belonged to an ancient line of witches who used their powers to fight against the evil.Both enjoy a long life together,plenty of weird and amazing adventures.Their three children(one boy and two girls)are named Stanford,Mabel and Wendy.
  Bill Cipher and Gideon never more were seen again.
Gravity Falls – The Monster Girls
Part 2 of 3

Nearby, Pacifica Nortweast was coming to the site with her friends. They hear the angry statement of Gideon and the cry of Wendy.Ava and Betty stop frightened.
 - What the hell is happening with Wendy? – asks Betty.
 - I do not know nor want to know! - Ava responds.
 - For I have come here, and I will not turn around just because Wendy is also there and took a stone ion her head!
 - I do not think that was it! - Says Betty, scared.
- It seems someone ripping her guts out of it! - Ava says, even more frightened.
- Well, I will not back down! Stay here pissing on the clothes, whimp duo!

 The blonde girl goes ahead. When it comes to clearing, is flabbergasted by what she sees: Grenda, Candy, Stanley and Dipper trapped inside two large shiny bubbles floating in the air. A yellow triangle with an eye in the center, small hat and bow tie also floated, watching that nonsense scene. But it is Wendy who really drew attention.
  The slender eldest daughter of Manly Dan had become a wolf ears atop her head and a tail. Her body had become larger and more muscular, and it destroyed the outfit, and makes the blouse and trousers in tatters. Was on, oblivious to everything around her fetal position, whimpering in pain.
 - Li´l Gideon! Make Wendy back to normal now! - Mabel yells finger-wagging.
 - Become my girl forever!
 - What? You deserve a major beating! Now even more than before!
  - Still rebel, eh? Perhaps to make it change your mind.
 Another reddish lightning strikes Candy Chiu. The girl screams as a tail appears underneath the skirt and ears disappear to reappear on top of the head, with a look that makes of a fox. Mabel kneels and prays:
 - Please, stop it! - Says the girl, weeping.
-  Only if you submit to me!
 - You're doing all wrong! Isn´t this way you will win my heart!
- Then see another consequence of your stubbornness!
The next victim is Grenda, whose breasts begin to grow. At the same time, her legs are joined to become a thick snake tail, whose length increases with surprising rapidity. Seeing this, a perverse idea arises in the mind of Pacific Nortweast who sneaks around the edge of the clearing, to make a surprise attack. Bill Cipher sees approaching, but remains silent and does not warn anybody. Because this, Gideon is caught off guard when he jumps over the Pacific, saying:
 - Give me that magic gadget! I want to use it to turn Mabel into the monster more hideous than I can imagine!
 The two roll on the ground. For a moment, Pacifica can hold the Transformation Talisman and the uses to hit Mabel. The girl cries out in pain as lumps begin to emerge in her back, straining the sweater.
 - Blonde jerk! - Gideon says - Look what you did! I'll finish you because this!
 The tone of voice and the insane gleam on Gideon´s eyes scare Pacifica, who hesitates because of fear and weakens her attack. The guy takes his chance to strike back, hitting her in the center of the chest with the two talismans. The girl moves her head back while jets spouting sapphire blue energy from his eyes and mouth open like the headlights of a car. Gideon sets foot on her belly and plays back.
 - How much fun! Being much better than I expected!
 Then he looks distressed to Mabel, and sees the tips of two leathery wings starting to appear, while the tip of a tail comes up under her skirt. Bill Cipher could not stop laughing and it infuriates Gideon, who uses the amulet that had the figure of the open eye to shoot a ray from the triangular demon whose color changes from yellow to red.
A battle ensues. Thirty foots away, Ava and Betty sees a burst of laser pass nine foots left of where they were, tearing the edge of several trees before stopping in a larger and thicker pine, which leaves a smoking hole where it could fit a beer can. The two girls, who were with the nerves to the skin, them flip out and flee, running as fast as possible, at same time that scream in panic.

The exchange of energy between bursts and Bill Gideon continues. One reaches the top of the force field were Grenda and Chiu were stuck, it breaks. Seeing that her friends were right, Mabel ignores the suffering of her turning is not complete yet, and turns her attention to the uncle and her brother, as bursts of energy passed dangerously close to the bubble where they were. She thinks afflicted:
(And if a shot hit them? Both can die!).
Pointing to the two with a trembling arm because of the pain, she says:
- Grenda! Move them… away from here!
The sturdy girl did not know how she had become strong, to be transformed into a naga with nine feet long. So, supports hands on the ground and uses her tail to hit with full force the bubble where Stanford and Dipper were. The effect is worse than the recoil of an angry mule, throwing the bubble into the forest, breaking the smaller trees and bouncing on the bigger ones like in pinball game, until it disappears.
  Grenda look around. Pacific was on the floor, surrounded by a blue green mist. Wendy, who no longer felt pain, yelped in fear because of bursts of energy. Was closer so she grabs her by the armpits, while it uses her tail to pull Mabel. Then curls up with two friends, using her massive tail as a living shield to protect them. She feels Candy nest behind her.They could do nothing for them or by Pacifica, except wait and hope for the best.
  The enraged Gideon was fighting with astounding bravery, forgetting one very important detail: his opponent was an insane demon, going to other dimension. Things like honor and morality of human beings meant nothing to him.
Using his telepathic skills, Bill invades the opponent's mind, discovering that he feared scorpions. So what does experience a waking nightmare, where he was under attack by a giant scorpion, so big like an ox.
Mabel and the other girls look surprised and confused when they see Gideon forget the battle against Bill Cipher to fire a blast of energy from the forest to his right, where there was nothing, except trees.
 The isosceles monster seizes the chance to use his telekinetic abilities and Gideon turns it upside down, shaking it like a bottle of champagne. With this, all magical talismans fall to the ground and the daily two too. So, Cipher uses his pyrokinesis to melt all the talismans a mass that looked like a fried egg, the size of a CD crackling because of incompatible arcane energies. Then use telekinesis to throw Li´l Gideon on the Bottomless Pit, where the boy disappears with a scream of despair.
   Far away, in Gravity Falls, and miss Gleeful  was taking a nap and as in a dream, sees the her son falling into the Bottomless Pit thrown by what appeared to be a red equilateral triangle with only one eye. She wakes up suddenly, but rather than screaming in terror, she smiles.Next,back to sleep, with a big smile on her face.

 - It was too many evil! - Grenda said, shocked by the scene.
 - You need not have done that! - Adds Wendy.
The demon turns his attention to them and as still mad, he exclaims:
 Grenda cringes scared. Candy had left behind Grenda and realizes the Wendy boots that had smashed with the increased size of the girl were near melted amulets. When Cipher pointing his fingers to fire a laser blast against them, Candy uses one boot to grab the lump of silver and use it as a small shield without even knowing if it would provide some protection or not. The result is awesome and spectacular.
 The laser blast is absorbed by fused amulets, changing the color to blue as a shock plays Candy behind, causing her to fall into the arms of Grenda, that safe. But the makeshift shield does not fall on the ground. Is floating in the air while emitting a beam of sapphire light that hit Cipher, that´s dissipated like smoke in a sudden gust of air. The final scream of the demon as it disappears isosceles is equal to Li´l Gideon, when he was falling on the Bottomless Pit. Then the mass of silver explodes like fireworks, turning into a shower of tiny bright blue specks, which disappear before touching the ground.

  Meanwhile in the forest, the energy bubble had stopped after getting sandwiched between two large pine trees. When the last vestiges of amulets cease to exist, the bubble also disappears, making Stanley and Dipper fall. Fortunately, they were only three feet above of  the ground.
 The first thing that they think is both the girls, and they both run to the clearing on the outskirts of the Bottomless Pit to find them. But there was nobody there. Everything we think is some remnants of clothing, footwear and destroyed the Two Daily. Stanford to pick it sees a drop paper and pick it up him exults:
 - The Mystery Shack deed! It´s ours again, boy! - He says to his nephew, who grieved, lowers his head and says:
 - Is piteous that Mabel and the other girls aren´t  here, to celebrate together with us ...
 Those words make octogenarian sad too. But soon other concerns take hold of his mind. He puts the deed in inner pocket, he catch the remains of shoes and clothes, throwing everything into the Bottomless Pit. The next act is to keep the Journal two under his jacket, grab the hand of his nephew and begin pulling it, saying:
 - Come! We must return to the Soos home and fast!
- But what Mabel, Wendy and the others?
 - I don´t believe them fell or jumped into the well. Should have gone somewhere, maybe to clear their minds. Keep in mind that all them been turned in monster girls! Should be having through a very difficult thing, and need time alone to think better. Also, remember that Pacifica also was hit, and turned something that  we haven´t any idea. This means trouble, big trouble!
 - I don´t understand ,Uncle Stan.
- The Nortweast family gives the commands on this town! When parents know that something bad happened to their sole daughter, them will want turn someone in mince, and I wanna keep you and me in one piece! Another important thing is that Wendy Corduroy also gone. Boy, Manly Dan is other that will get very pissed!
- But we did nothing! It was all was Li´l Gideon fault!
 - Yes, but so what? What would talk with Dan? That his eldest daughter was transformed into a wolf-girl by a magic talisman and then disappeared? The guy is big as a gorilla, and ten times grumpier! After hear this story from us, those brute lumberjack will rip our arms and legs, you can be sure of that!
Dipper knew that despite the hype, the uncle was right. Manly Dan was a rude man who would have difficulty believing what had happened to their daughter, even if they showed him everything that had happened in a recorded high definition video. With without anything except words, he and his uncle likely would run the risk ending up in hospital.

 - But to me, the worst and hardest will see your parents explain the disappearance of your sister! What I will tell them!? I cannot imagine a convincing lie. On the other hand, if I tell the truth, I don´t know if they will want to accuse me of kidnapping, or send me to a madhouse!

  They will arrive on Soos home half hour later. The simpleton sidekick store question:
 - How was everything?
- Great news, Soos! I recovered the deed! We´re back in business! - Stanley says.
 - This is very cool! Now, where is Mabel?
 - She is doing a sleepover at the home of Grenda, along with Candy. She said will sleep there and come back tomorrow. - reply Dipper. Now excuse me, nature calls.
 But after getting to the bathroom, closing and locking the door, what Dipper do is sit on the floor next to the shower, lay hands on his face and started crying, while begin a summer rain.

   The prediction of Stanley on the uproar that would cause the demise of Pacific soon is confirmed. Ava and Betty arrive at the central square and completely hysterical after being calmed by nurses in a hospital, they begin to share everything, listened intently for several people, including the couple Nortweast and Manly Dan.Wendy them are accused of had imagined that nonsense story the girls retort:
 - We're not crazy! - Betty says.
- Just go to the vicinity of the Bottomless Pit and examine the trees around! Will find the brands of lasers everywhere! - Ava adds.
 The idea is heeded at the time. Ava and Betty returned to the site along with the sheriff Blubs, deputy Durland, the Northwest couple, Manly Dan, parents of Grenda and Candy, along with reporter Shandra Jimenez. Soon are trademarks in the trees, made by firing Bill Cipher and the little Gideon. A closer proofing around the pit show footprints and strange tracks,  plus several broken trees. But none clue that could show where the five girls are.

   A story about the weird multiple vanishing soon aired on local TV, and then to the main networks. The phrase heard by angry Betty and Ava, plus the fact the vanished girls aged between 11 and 15 years old, soon gave rise to the theory that the mysterious Bill Cipher was the pseudonym  to a dangerous sex maniac or serial killer, whom Gideon had was associated voluntarily or not. But the two had quarreled, causing a tragedy that Gideon was victimized along with the girls.
 In Piedmont California, seeing the news on the news of 10 pm, the parents of Pines twins Pines telephone for Mystery Shack, without response. But Stanford who call for them and when asked about what happened, you have no choice except to say that the fact that Mabel was gone and Dipper was safe, but he could only explain the matter in a face to face talk. Even after speaking with his son, who was as elusive as his uncle, the Pines cannot sleep until they both decide to wait no longer.
 Mr. Pines wears a sky blue shirt with short sleeves and blue-gray trousers. His wife, mauve dress with short and you command a small round neckline. They leave home in their silver Toyota Camry four door at one o'clock. That way - completely by chance - they escape being harassed by the media because when journalists arrive in the morning, their car was long gone and no one of their neighbors knew inform their whereabouts.

  At seven o'clock in the morning, realizing that her husband was beginning to doze off at the wheel, the lady Pines and convinces them to stop at a hotel on the roadside, where they sleep for five hours, have lunch and continue Gravity Falls, Oregon finding the little town  turned into a real pandemonium.
   There were TV crews, radio and newspapers everywhere. An FBI team arrives had come to town to investigate the case because multiple disappearance indicated possibility of abduction or murder of federal jurisdiction crimes. The parents, of Candy, Grenda and Wendy were under intense harassment to grant interviews, and Dan Manly spoke in high shouting to everyone that it was better Gideon and Bill Cipher cheer to the FBI agents arrest them before he found them, because if something bad had happened to his beloved daughter, he would break every bone on the body of the two guys. The Nortweast family calls journalists to disclose that they would pay $ 200,000 for any clue that would lead to meet Pacifica.

Amid all the commotion, no one notices the arrival of the Pines. Luckily for them, no one knew or Stanford Dipper was at Grandma's house for Soos, and that's where the parents of Dipper and Mabel that them go.
   Dipper was with his uncle in the room with Soos and grandmother next door, but it was not the old hustler is better or safer feel. Sweating as if in a sauna, the great-uncle of the boys looked at the parents of the boys, without knowing how or where to start. Suddenly, a voice from the kitchen door draws everyone's attention.
 - You are the Mabel Pines parents?
 What Pines looks their jaws drop: a little man eight inches tall, with light blue shirt, blue pants, brown shoes, and a slightly brown pointy hat with a gray beard and mustache. Speechless because of shock, mister and Miss Pines just nods. The gnome continues:
- My name is Carson, and I bring an important message from her ...

   After talk, the gnome turns around and runs away. All go after him and see him jump from the kitchen´s window. When they open the door, go to behind the house, where there was a small yard with a white picket fence. Carson after it had been sitting on a two-wheeled carriage pulled four squirrels and so, soon disappears among the trees of the forest that was behind the house.
 Parents of the dipper filled with questions about the gnomes. This brings the boy to speak not only that issue but also the many strange things he had found in the city: the ghosts at the convenience store, the Xerox machine capable of creating vivid copies, and the odd crystal manotaurs able to increase or shrink living beings used against them by Li´l Gideon who had also tried to kill him on another occasion, because of his obsessive love by Mabel.
 Those revelations shocked the parents of the twins: they could never imagine that Gravity Falls, such as small Piedmont town (population whose even reached the 11,000 inhabitants), could be so dangerous! But because of the incredible sequence of reports, the time goes fast.
Using his knowledge of the city, lies and trickery, Stanford outwits the journalists and besides this, can help parents of other girls to find some quiet. At the same time, tells them that had received the anonymous call from a person who swore to have reliable information about everything that had happened, but they only speak if they were all to the meeting place without the presence of reporters or FBI men.

  The Big Owl was like the inhabitants of Gravity Falls and tourists called a totem with seven feet wide, on top of which there was an owl head with ten feet tall. Just below, there was a bear head and at the base, one of salmon. The origin of nickname was because, due to a large gap in the ground, the other two heads were out of sight of the rare visitors who came to the site by a dirt road.
  A tribe of Indians who had made him no longer existed when the first settlers came to where Gravity Falls would found and nothing was known about her, making the origin of the object over one of the many mysteries of the town. The site was bereft, without any residence or shop within a radius of several miles. Nevertheless, that night was easy to see the totem and its surroundings, because of the full moon. The parents of the missing girls were there, along with Stanford and Soos, holding Waddles.
  The Pines are most anxious, because unlike the others, had heard the message of Carson. The gnome had said them to "remain calm" with the "new look" of Mabel and her friends, to complete that “them still been the good girls as always were." They had no idea of the meaning of those enigmatic words, neither knew what to expect.
 - Stanford, when did your informant will arrive? - Asks the father of Grenda - You said he would arrive at eight in the evening and have been twenty minutes beyond that!
- If all this this was a joke Stanford, I'll start using you as a punching bag! - Dan Manly says, shaking his fist.

 Suddenly everyone hears a jovial and cheerful childish female voice, saying:
 - Hello, everyone! Sorry for the delay, but that I forgot the we haven´t clock!
 Looking up from where the voice was coming, everyone is stunned to see Mabel Pines flying down, until you land on Owl's Head. The girl had skin the color of honey beige hair. Was clothed with a red halter top, suitable to her tits(Now with B-cup size) and light gray shorts. On the back, she had big leathery wings like bats, plus a tail of about three feet long and no more braces.
 - Now, stay calm because the others are already here.Is time to say hy,girls!

 They hear the sound of a rustling and arrives Grenda, her body coiled snake on the totem pole, where she remains and beckons for parents, noticeably nervous. Was wearing with a red shirt with short sleeves, with a tongue´s pic outing of the mouth. Tight, the shirt calls to her boobs, now with C-cup size. Climbing her, Candy Chiu jump on the ground. Was with a pine green tube top, great to her cute A-cup tits, black loafers, blue tennis and not used more glasses. With a big leap coming in lower terrain comes Wendy, wearing a turquoise mini blouse with short sleeves, which highlighted spectacularly their big DD cup boobs, and a red-orange mini-short. She was barefoot.
Waddles cringe on the hands of Soos that comment:
- Mabel and the girls changed a lot. Their sleepover should have been the most amazing of the whole world!
Gravity Falls – The Monster Girls
Parte 1 of 3

Dipper, Stan and Mabel were living in the house Soos, after the small Gideon stole the deed to the Cabin Mystery and taken possession of the site. It was a nightmare, and they did not know how to resolve the situation, even after his second failed attempt to reclaim the deed stolen. The sadness of twins increases further when Uncle gives them another bad news ...
 Grenda and Candy were walking together when they see Mabel sitting on the bank of a desert square, alone and with tears streaming down her face. Alarmed by this, they approach and ask for their friend:
 - Why are you crying, Mabel? - Grenda question.
 - What went wrong? - Candy asks, sitting beside her friend with Grenda.
 The girl tells of the attempt to recover the stolen deed with the help of gnomes. Candy and Grenda not believe the story about the band of tiny men, but prefer not to say anything. However, they are shocked when Mabel says:
 - Now it's all over! The refrigerator's on the Soos´s home is almost empty. Uncle Stan is no longer able to care for me and the Dipper! Because of this, he has already bought the bus tickets for me and my brother back to our home, on California.
 - Oh, no! - Candy says, putting the hands on her face - that's terrible!
 Not knowing what to say to comfort Mabel, Grenda hugs the girl. Candy does the same thing. Nearby, hidden behind a tree and some bushes, Gideon had heard everything and unnoticed by the girls, he clenches his fist, saying in angry low voice:  
- Mabel will leave Gravity Falls? I will not allow it! She has to stay here to become my girl ... Forever!
Going home, the evil boy locks himself in his room, where opens his book Journal Two and leafs to find information on the location of several mystical artifacts with which he could not only hold his sickly dream of love but also end up with anyone who dared stand in his way. Keeping the diary inside the suit, he leaves the room.
 When you are opening the door of his mother's house to see the kitchen, where he had just turned on the vacuum cleaner. Curious, she asks:
- Where are you going, my son?
 - None of your business! Continue to clean the floor or go do something else, your old immaterial thing buster! - He replies rudely without even looking at her as the door slams behind him.
 Stung, Mrs. gleeful whispers, while moving the vacuum cleaner on the floor:
- Still cleaning! Still cleaning!

Far away Dipper walked alone and dispirited by a forest trail, with his hands behind on the back, thinking:
(Gravity Falls is an amazing city, with many surprising secrets to be investigated! But because of Gideon, will not have the time I need to unravel all the mysteries that exist in this place! This is so bad!)

  Meanwhile, Li´l Gideon goes to the old factory of his family, takes a shovel and a map on the following day to the ruins of a log cabin. Down to the cellar for a ladder with wooden steps placed on a mortar base that despite several cracks, was still firm. Then starts digging until he finds the size of a shoe box, which was closed by a rusty padlock a small iron box.
To open it Gideon breaking the lock with a sharp blow of the spade. Lifts lid, observes content and smiled, saying:
 - Mabel Pines, soon you will become mine, whether you like it or not!

 Then stores the objects that were inside the inner pockets of his suit, play the box on the floor and quickly left the place without realizing that the Bill Cipher notes floating through the trees, a few tens of meters high, saying:
- Well, well, it is not my little former ally Gideãozinho, unearthing ancient amulets! What you want to do with this boy? I think I'll follow you! It may be something interesting or perhaps a lot of fun!

   After sharing a banana split with Grenda and Candy, and chat for a few hours with the two about the good times they had enjoyed together, Mabel back to the house Soos. Was still upset over the impending departure at least feel a little better. She finds Soos answering the phone to see that it says:
- Wait! Your sister has just arrived! - And looking at the girl says:
- Hey Mabel, his brother to talk to you.
- Hi Dipper! So, what do you want? - After listening for a while she says, very happy:
- Really? Man, this is really, really cool! I'm on the way!
Putting down the phone says Mabel, while you frolic of enthusiasm:
- Soos, this is amazing! The Dipper found a document that will prevent Gideãozinho to destroy the hut Mystery! I'll meet him near the Bottomless Pit! Tell Uncle Stan not to worry, because I'll be back soon! Bye!
 Then, with a scream of joy, the little girl runs away.

Elsewhere, Gideon off the phone. In his left hand was a small sculpture the size of a walnut, with the shape of the head of a coyote. A magical amulet that had allowed him to speak with the voice of Dipper.
- Perfect! That girl will be here soon to become part of my life ... And help me get rid of that annoying little brother Stan and forever! - He concluded, looking at the Bottomless Pit. - E cackles ominously, while Bill Cipher once more, the notes without being seen and then vanishes into thin air.

  Unaware that he had been tricked, Mabel rushes to the venue as if you are fighting a speed event at the Olympics. Is so excited that when turning into a corner outside the town she collides with Grenda, who was going to the home of Candy along with her friend, and the three falls to the ground.
 - That hurt! - A Korean girl says, running a hand on her head.
- I'm sorry Candy! - Mabel says, extending his hand to help another to rise.
 - Where are you going so fast? - Grenda question.
  Mabel tells the news. Candy is happy, but apprehensive Grenda says:
 - I do not like the idea of going to that place! After all, if you fall into that pit, it's goodbye forever!
 - Not so! - Responds Mabel - I, the Dipper, Uncle Stan and Soos fell there and came back!
 - How is it? - Say the two girls, perplexed.
 - I count the way Come with me, girls!
  The three girls leave, but after leaving the city limits, the seizure of Grenda back and this time stronger.
 - This part of the forest is sinister! - She says - I wish someone else was with us. Perhaps, an adult.
 - I´m suitable enough? - Wendy says, waving as they come up.
 - WENDY! - Good to see you here! - Mabel says, raising her arms to then, embracing her other great friend.
- Where are you going, girls? – ask Wendy.
At the Bottomless Pit, to find my brother! He found a way to save the cabin of Uncle Stan!
 - That's great! I can go along with you? - Wendy asks.
- But of course! - Mabel says.
 The group, now with four girls, resumes her walk into the forest. While so doing, they are seen by another person who was going home on a parallel track, nine yards away in the opposite direction: the real Wendy Corduroy. The daughter of Dan Manly is so surprised that speaks loses. After some time in silence, falls to his knees and stays in a state of shock, with open eyes, as she says without stopping:
- I have not seen it! I have not seen! I have not seen!
- WAKE, WENDY !!! - Says one, while shaking her shoulders.
 The teenager comes out of his daze and looks ahead and sees Dipper. Embraces the boy in tears while saying:
 The bear hug is so strong the boy soon felt his arms and ribs starting to hurt. This forces you to be rude to the girl he secretly liked:
- STOP THIS HYSTERIA AND RELEASE ME! - He cries, in the face of Wendy.
 Startled, she obeys. Dipper continues:
 - Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Okay, do it again.
 Wendy calms down, regaining self-control, Dipper wipes her tears with her hands.
 - Now tell me everything that happened. Unhurried.
 After hearing what the girl had seen, he says:
 - Wendy, know that you are not crazy! But I fear that my sister and her friends are in great danger! By the way, can you take me to where they were going?
 - Yes, no problem.
 - So here we go!
 Soon they are on the same track where Mabel and the other girls had gone. Dipper seizes the chance to say:
 - Wendy, get ready to hear the amazing story of his life!
 - I do not think you can say something capable of surprising a girl who is about to go to the madhouse!
 - Wendy, I already said, you're not going crazy now listen carefully ...!

Meanwhile, the great-uncle of the brothers Pines arrives at Soos house where he was staying. Finds ex-aid watching TV with her mother.
 - Hi Mister Stan. How’s it going!?
 - From bad to worse! Hey, where are the kids?
 - Mabel came out some time ago. She went to the Bottomless Pit to meet the Dipper. Seem that the boy found a way to save your hurt!
 - But how?
- I do not know, she did not tell me.
- The Dipper came here and talked to her?
 - No, he phoned. Why?
 - I'm not liking it. To me, is some dirty trick! - Stanley says, rubbing his chin. Well, I think there is only one way to clarify everything: going to that place, as unpleasant as it is!
 - Shall I go with you?
 - No.Stay here to meet the kids, if they back before me.
 And goes away quickly, with the foreboding that something terrible was about to happen.

  In the forest, Pacifica Nortweast and her friends Ava (An African-American, wavy hair) and Betty (Caucasian short and  straight brown hair) were having a picnic on a hillside when they see Mabel and her friends pass by them on a trail just under sixty foots below where they are. Stop eating and is observing the group continue on their way, to lose sight of them through the trees.
- I wonder where they are going. - Ava asks.
- But what does it matter? - Says Pacifica - The Mabel´s uncle are bankrupt. Besides, I knew that tomorrow she and her brother will go out of Gravity Falls, and back to California! Let's go after them! I want to take the chance to make fun of that weird losing the last time, until make her cry!
 Pacifica and her friends quickly keep the food and drinks in the basket and start down the trail eager to do evil, but have no idea of the trouble they were about to get ....
Sometime later, Mabel and the other girls arrive at the meeting place. Without seeing his brother around, the girl put her hands around his mouth and says:
 - Why did you bring these two? I wanted you to come alone!
 Mabel realizes that the voice comes from a large bush and answers:
 - Hey Dipper, what's the matter? You know ...
 But to the surprise of the girl, who leaves behind the bush is another person:
 - Li´l Gideon! What are you doing here? And where is my brother?
 - And how do I know? - The boy replies, shrugging. - But no matter. I called up here to become my girl!
 - NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! - Says the girl angry, finger-wagging.
At that moment, Gideon pulls one of amulets that were caught in the ruins of the old hut. It was made of silver and a figure it had an oval shape with a semicircle on top and two small curved rods into the bottom. The inner was bisected by a line with the other two corners at the top rods.
 - I'm sure the talisman of the Power of Love will change your mind!
A beam of silver light comes out of the object and reaches the face of Mabel, whose gaze becomes empty. She relaxes, and your arms are hanging loosely on the body.
 - My God! What is it? - Candy says, startled putting his hands on his face.
- WENDY! - Grenda said - We must do something!
- Why? This is so funny! - The redhead replied calmly, crossing her arms.
Grenda and Candy look at Wendy, without understanding that weird reaction.Pissed, Grenda says:
 - Well, you will not do anything, me and Candy will!
- ATTACK !!! - Says the girl Korean raising her arms accompanied by Grenda, who was with his fists, while Wendy standing still in the same position, with an enigmatic smile.
- Nope, their nosy! - Gideon says, pulling another amulet with his left hand, showing one eye open, with two curved rods on the sides and five lashes on top. A golden ray out of it and hit the two girls, paralyzing them. With the threat neutralized, Gideon looks to Wendy and asks:
 - And you? Will also want to interfere in my plans?
- I? Not a chance! I'm loving this show! Cannot wait to see how all this will end!
 - Clever girl! - And turning attention to Mabel says:
- Therefore, the power of this amulet will crush your willpower, causing her to fall madly in love with me! Then, you will worship the ground even where I step!
 - So it's better to end it now! - Says a young male voice, while a stone the size of an egg reaches the hand of Gideon who screams in pain and drops the object, while Mabel falls to her knees. When looking to see who had attacked sees Dipper, accompanied by Wendy Corduroy ...!
 - Two Wendy? I ... I do not understand! -says the little crook.
Stunned, Mabel puts the hands on the head and grimaces, saying:
 - What has happened? Everything is whirling! Oh! How my head hurts!
Dipper runs up and hugs her sister, thrilled with tears of happiness in her eyes, saying: - Easy, is. Everything is fine now.
. Wendy looks perplexed for her lookalike, stopping just a few feet away from her:
- On the way here, when the Dipper told me about you and your powers, I thought it was overkill but now, I realize that it's all true!
Hear the sound of heavy footsteps, approaching fast. Shortly thereafter, Stanley Pines reaches the clearing where to panting, hands on knees. While recovering his breath, looks at the brothers embraced, Grenda and Candy trapped in the bubble of energy, Gideon rubbing his sore hand and both Wendy Corduroy.
 - Well, what have we here? Bantam A crook playing magic, and a demon who likes to pretend she is a woman! I did not know that this your side, Cipher!
 - Cipher? Whom Stan is talking about? - Grenda asked for Candy.
 - I know there! - Reply to another, shrugging.
At that moment, the false Wendy says:
 - I realized that this outfit is no longer useful. Therefore ...
And before the astonished gaze of Wendy and the girls paralyzed, the impostor turns into a yellow triangle with a thin arms and legs like bamboo, an eye in the center, bow tie, and a little hat, floating in the air. Looking at him Dipper question:
- As you and Gideon are into this time?
- You're wrong, kid. Gideon found the magical amulets alone, with the intention of using them to speak with their voices and lure her sister here, awakening her unconditional love for him. Ah yes, after turning in his lifetime Mabel loved the Gideon wanted to use it to attract you, Stan and get rid of both. I assumed the form of Wendy just to ensure the arrival of her sister and attend all cabin because it seemed like something really fun! Now they can go ahead! Pretend I'm not here, and fight the urge! I do not intend to interfere.
  Mabel looks at the boy platinum hair and closes the face:
- I wanted to turn me into a slave, in love with you?Make me betray Uncle Stan and my brother? Li´l Gideon, you went too far! Now, release my friends and let us all get out of here, or I'll beat you until my arms tired!
  But the little crook, who had passed that everyone's attention was focused on Bill to take the amulet of Love says:
- NEVER! You will be mine! And I'll make sure that neutralizing these two busybodies!
A golden ray leaves the amulet that had the image of an eye, reaching Dipper and playing back up to nearly Stan, trapping both inside a transparent floating bubble.
 - Do not resist, Mabel.Soon,all will over ...
 However, Gideon had forgotten Wendy, who does the same thing Dipper had made shortly before, use a stone for a ranged attack. But instead of the boy's hand, she chooses reach the talisman that escapes the hand of Gideon and rolls across the ground, falling into the Bottomless Pit.
 - NOOOOO !!! - Exclaims Gideon that furious, takes another amulet inside one of the inner pockets of his suit. The picture in the round medallion showing a circle with fifteen bulges and curves around the inside of a five-pointed star with a round hole in the middle.
 A reddish lightning strikes Wendy,whose body begins to grow.Terracotta fur appears on the skin, the nose begins to grow,the jaw changes shape,the torso expands,hips get wider,and a tail starts to sprout above the buttocks.Ears disappear from the sides of the head,something dawns on her head.Changes that is painful, because Li´l Gideon had not had experience in the use of mystical artifacts,and as use the talisman in the right way either.Wendy screams loudly.
Gravity Falls. As Garotas-Monstro
Parte 3 de 3
 Os familiares ficam sem conseguir falar ou nem mesmo, pensar alguma coisa. É Mabel que rompe o impasse, começando a narrar tudo que havia acontecido com ela e as amigas, desde que ela havia recebido o telefonema do falso Dipper. Quando ela termina, Manly Dan quebra o silêncio erguendo os punhos cerrados enquanto diz:
- O Gideãozinho tem sorte de ter sido arremessado no Poço Sem Fundo pelo Cipher porque senão, eu mesmo faria isso!Como ele ousou transformar a minha querida filha Wendy em uma garota-monstro?
Ao ouvir aquilo, uma lágrima rola pelo rosto da adolescente, que diz:
- Então, é assim que você me vê agora, pai?Um monstro?
 Percebendo a grande tolice que havia dito, Dan vai até a filha, a abraça com carinho e afaga seus cabelos, respondendo:
- É claro que não, querida!Mas... bem, eu não queria que você tivesse deixado de ser humana! Agora, ouça com atenção: não importa qual seja a sua aparência, eu sempre irei amá-la!
 Os pais de Candy Chiu estavam ao lado da filha, comentando:
- Então, você se tornou uma bela kumiho!
- O que é isso? – pergunta Soos.
- Uma mulher-raposa com poderes mágicos do folclore coreano. – responde o pai de Candy.
- Você tem poderes mágicos, não é filha? – pergunta-lhe a mãe.
- Sim, eu tenho! Ainda não são muito grandes, mas acho que irão aumentar com o tempo.
  Grenda desce do totem e se aproxima dos pais, que a abraçam emocionados. A mãe pergunta.
- E você Grenda?
- Garota-cobra?  - responde ela com um timbre mais suave, que em nada se parecia com a voz grossa que durante tanto tempo, sempre a tinha constrangido.
- Eu sei a resposta! – diz Stanford. – Ela é uma naga, povo-cobra do folclore hindu. Vi isso em um programa de TV, vários anos atrás. Agora meninas, o que podem nos dizer sobre a Pacífica Northwest?Ava e Betty, aquelas duas que sempre a acompanhavam, juram que ela também foi para o mesmo lugar onde vocês estavam e desde então, ela sumiu!
- Ela caiu no Poço Sem Fundo? – pergunta Dan.
- Oh não, nada disso! Ela só passou por uma grande mudança!– responde Mabel que olha para cima, põe as mãos dos lados da boca e grita:
- Pode aparecer Pequena P!
Um vulto desce do alto em uma trajetória espiral, mas só quando chega mais perto é que todos conseguem vê-lo com nitidez, por causa do tamanho e da cor, difícil de ser percebida a noite. Era cinza-claro e pequeno, com apenas sessenta centímetros de altura, com íris violeta-gelo e grandes pupilas magenta. Seus braços e pernas eram pequenos como os de um bebê recém-nascido, terminando em extremidades cônicas de pontas arredondadas, sem mãos ou pés. Estava sem roupa, mas isso não importava, porque era assexuada. Apenas o olhando seu rosto com mais atenção é que se percebia a semelhança com a mimada e arrogante filha da família Northwest, pois o formato da face permanecia o mesmo, assim como os longos cabelos com franja, ainda que não estivesse usando mais brincos.
- Os pais dela oferecem uma fortuna por qualquer informação que ajude a encontrá-la, mas acho que eles não gostariam muito de vê-la assim! – diz Stan, enquanto a estranha criaturinha flutua diante dele, cutucando lhe o nariz com a ponta do braço.
- Pobre menina! – diz a mãe de Mabel.
- Não desperdice a sua piedade com ela, senhora Pines! Porque foi a Pacífica quem transformou a sua filha numa garota gárgula! Nós estávamos lá e vimos tudo! – diz Grenda zangada, com o braço em riste.
- Gideão começou a nos transformar em garotas-monstro para obrigar Mabel a se tornar a namorada dele. Por isso mesmo, ele não queria fazer mal a sua filha. – acrescenta Wendy.
- Mas aí a Pacífica saiu do meio das árvores e saltou sobre Gideãozinho, dizendo: ”Quero transformar a Mabel na criatura mais horrível que eu puder imaginar!” – E foi o que ela fez! – conclui Candy, fechando a cara.
- Você não devia apoia-la desse jeito, Mabel! – diz Wendy.
- Sim, eu devo! Porque, apesar das transformações, todas nós ainda sabemos quem somos, enquanto ela nem sabe mais quem é!
Ao ouvir aquilo, Pequena P se aproxima de Mabel, olha para ela de cara fechada e começa a agitar os braços, emitindo sons que pareciam zumbidos de uma abelha.
- O que ela está dizendo, filha? – pergunta o senhor Pines. A menina responde:
- “Você errada! Eu Pequena P! Sempre fui Pequena P!”
- Oh, meu Deus! – exclama o pai de Grenda – Ela perdeu a memória!
O senhor Pines pergunta:
- Como você consegue entendê-la, filha?
- Não sei explicar. Mas eu e as outras conseguimos entender tudo que ela diz.
- Até onde pudemos perceber – diz Wendy – Parece que agora ela tem a mente de uma criança de três anos.
- E de onde veio esse nome? – pergunta à senhora Pines.
- Ideia da sua filha! – diz Grenda.  – Assim que a transformação da Pacífica terminou, Mabel se aproximou dela que estava flutuando no ar, até as duas ficarem a um palmo de distância uma da outra ela disse: “Você está uma gracinha! E tão pequena! Precisa de um novo nome! Eu já sei! Pequena P!” Quando ouviu isso, a Pacífica ficou muito alegre e começou a voar em círculos agitando os braços enquanto dizia: “Pequena P! Eu Pequena P!”.
- E não deixem que o tamanho dela os engane! – diz Mabel – A Pequena P é muito poderosa! Sem ela, nós nunca teríamos conseguido entrar no Abrigo Seguro!
- O que é isso? – pergunta Manly Dan.
- Algo que eu vi em um diário feito por um autor desconhecido, muito tempo atrás. Ele tem muitas informações sobre coisas estranhas e lugares misteriosos de Gravity Falls. Um deles é o Abrigo Seguro, onde nós estamos morando agora.
- O lugar parece um abrigo nuclear, feito durante a Guerra Fria: paredes de concreto, portas principal blindada, localização camuflada, saída de emergência... – diz Wendy.
- Mas a porta principal estava bloqueada por uma pedra do tamanho de uma Kombi! Todas nós nos unimos para tentar retirá-la, e ela não se moveu nem um centímetro! – diz Grenda - Aí, a Pequena P se aproximou e perguntou: “Mexer pedra grande?” Nós rimos.
- Eu não ri. – diz Mabel. Candy confirma e prossegue:
- É você foi à única que só olhou para ela e disse: “Sim! Pode ajudar?” Aí a P estendeu os bracinhos dela e logo adiante das pontas, surgiram pequenos círculos de luz azul a pedra se ergueu no ar, sem que a P fizesse qualquer esforço aparente. Ela olhou para nós como se quisesse saber o que fazer em seguida. Mabel apontou para um terreno vazio a uns quinze metros de distância, e a Pequena P jogou a pedra lá tão facilmente como se fosse uma bola de tênis! Então, Mabel a abraçou e elas ficou rindo e dançando!
- Pequena P, a incrível! – diz Mabel, erguendo os braços, no que é imitada pela pequena amiga que dá um grito como o de uma criancinha feliz.
 Waddles, que estava ao lado nos braços de Soos, abaixa a cabeça e grunhe tristemente, achando que a sua dona não o queria mais. Entretanto, Mabel percebe isso, pega, abraça e diz:
- Ei não fique assim! Pequena P é minha amiga, e você continua a ser o meu querido porquinho de estimação!
Ao ouvir aquilo, Waddles esfrega seu rosto no rosto de Mabel e grunhe de felicidade.
Nesse momento, Dan pergunta:
- Onde você e as outras garotas conseguiram essas roupas? Você nunca usou algo assim e sei que elas também não, porque as vi muitas vezes na cidade.
- Ah, de um bando de universitárias que estavam acampadas na floresta. – responde Wendy.
- Elas deram esses trajes para vocês? – pergunta a mãe de Grenda.
- Não exatamente... - diz Grenda, constrangida.
- Mabel Pines! – diz o pai – Nos conte tudo!
A menina começa a dizer.
- Nós saímos da floresta e vimos às oito garotas ao lado de duas grandes barracas, preparando comida, lavando roupa e conversando.
 - A comida tinha um cheiro muito bom! - interrompe Grenda, lambendo os beiços.
- Então eu perguntei a elas: “Olá! Podem nos ajudar?” – prossegue Mabel.
- Mas ao invés de responder, elas saíram gritando como malucas e entraram correndo em um Land Rover vermelho que saiu em disparada, cantando os pneus!
- Também havia um Toyota 4Runner no local porém, como estava mais longe de onde elas estavam reunidas elas o ignoraram, de tão apavoradas que ficaram conosco! – diz Candy.
 - Será que nós ficamos tão horríveis e assustadoras assim? – murmura Grenda olhando para baixo, enquanto toca os indicadores repetidas vezes.
- De modo algum, filha! – responde o pai, afagando-lhe a cabeça.
- Mas nós não encostamos um dedo em nenhuma delas! Se elas disseram qualquer coisa diferente disso para alguém, é mentira! – assinala Mabel aborrecida, enquanto Pequena P agita os braços com a cara fechada, zumbindo.
- Ela diz que não gostou do barulho que as garotas fizeram – traduz Candy.
- Como estávamos com fome, comemos a comida que estava sendo preparada e depois, procuramos por trajes que servissem em nós e escolhemos esses. Eu não fiquei legal com essa frente única e o shortinho? – pergunta Mabel, fazendo pose para os pais. A mãe lhe diz zangada, balançando o dedo:
- Mabel Pines! Eu e o seu pai não a educamos para você se tornar uma ladra!
- Nós não tivemos escolha! – responde a menina – Ao se tornar uma garota-lobo, a blusa e o sutiã e a calcinha da Wendy arrebentaram! Ela ficou quase nua! O short e a calcinha da Grenda também se perderam e com a blusa rasgada, ela ficou com os peitos a mostra. O meu suéter rasgou por causa das asas, e perdi a calcinha devido à cauda. A Candy também perdeu a calcinha, pelo mesmo motivo. Os trajes da Pequena P sumiram, mas no caso dela, isso não faz diferença. Sim, nós pegamos coisas que não nos pertenciam, mas o que vocês queriam que nós fizéssemos? Ficar andando em farrapos por aí, como um bando de vagabundas?
Todos os pais ficaram em silêncio, trocando olhares e após pensar melhor no assunto, concluíram que suas filhas haviam feito à coisa certa, naquelas circunstâncias extremas.
Wendy completa:
- Exceto pelas roupas e a comida, não mexemos em nada mais que havia no acampamento, e lá elas deixaram muita coisa para trás! – diz Wendy.
- Celulares, laptops, carteiras com dinheiro e cartões de crédito, CDs e DVDs. Tudo isso nós deixamos nos mesmos lugares onde encontramos, eu juro! – diz Candy, olhando para os pais.
- Nós acreditamos em você filha. – diz a mãe, afagando-a na cabeça.
- Agora nos falem como é o lugar de vocês chamam de Abrigo Seguro. – pergunta Dan.
 - Tem uma grande sala, três quartos, banheiro, um ginásio com equipamentos para malhação e uma cozinha, com fogão de seis bocas e despensas que estão cheias de rações militares e alimentos enlatados. – responde Wendy.
- Os quartos tem armários embutidos, mas infelizmente os quartos estão sem mobília e temos de dormir no chão. – interrompe Candy, levemente aborrecida.
- Podemos comprar camas e colchões para vocês depois. – fala Dan. Wendy prossegue:
- De acordo com um manual que encontramos no local, à água vem de um riacho próximo, e um moinho de vento oculto na floresta fornece energia elétrica. Só não sei se a fiação ainda é confiável. Na parede da sala, vimos um calendário cuja última marca foi feita em 10 de março de 1987.
- Farei uma revisão completa da fiação elétrica para vocês – diz o pai de Candy – Sou eletricista.
- E eu, bombeiro hidráulico – diz o pai de Grenda. – Mas vocês terão de aguardar algum tempo. A cidade está cheia de repórteres e com agentes do FBI, porque todo mundo acredita que vocês foram sequestradas ou mortas.
- Como nossa filha vai se beneficiar com esses serviços, nós pagaremos a vocês assim que for possível – diz o senhor Pines.
- As nossas filhas também – diz o pai de Grenda – Então, nem pensaríamos em cobrar algo.
- Oh, não se preocupem com essas coisas! – diz Mabel – Porque logo o tio Stan vai ganhar um monte de grana conosco!
- Do que você está falando, Mabel? – pergunta Stanford, confuso.
- Aquelas universitárias logo irão espalhar por toda parte boatos sobre “As garotas Monstro de Gravity Falls” você vai poder fazer posters, buttons, posters e bonequinhos de nós.
- Ei!Essa é uma excelente ideia! – diz o tio coçando o queixo e sorrindo satisfeito só em pensar nos lucros que poderia ter. Mas as suas divagações logo são bruscamente interrompidas por Manly Dan que o agarra pela gola do paletó, suspendendo-o no ar com a mão esquerda e enquanto diz, com o punho cerrado:
- Ouça bem, Stanford! Se você fizer qualquer tipo material malicioso com a minha filha, quebrarei os seus braços e pernas... EM VÁRIOS LUGARES!
- Eu nem pensaria em fazer tal coisa! Olhe, estou jurando com as duas mãos erguidas, sem cruzar dedos nas costas! – retruca o trambiqueiro, suando frio.
 Percebendo que o velhote estava assustado demais para mentir, Dan o recoloca no chão.
- Bem, agora que tudo foi esclarecido e todos estão mais calmos, é hora de irmos embora.
- Isso é mesmo preciso filha? – pergunta o senhor Pines.
- Você sabe que sim, pai.
Candy suspira tristemente, dizendo:
- Vou sentir falta das minhas revistas sobre rapazes, CDs e filmes. – diz Candy.
- E eu, do meu iguana de estimação. - Fala Grenda.
- Com a cidade cheia de jornalistas, vai ser difícil levar essas coisas até vocês. – assinala o pai da menina.
- É eu tive uma ideia! – fala Dipper – Os pais da Candy e da Grenda pegam as coisas delas põe dentro de malas e o iguana numa gaiola. Depois, levam para a Cabana do Mistério, onde deixaremos tudo no lado de fora nos fundos da loja junto com colchões e lençóis. Aí a Mabel chega junto com a Pequena P e com a ajuda dela, levam tudo para o abrigo.
- Muito bem bolado, filho! - diz o senhor Pines. – Vamos ficar na cidade mais um pouco para comprar roupas novas para as sua irmã.
- Lembrem-se de que para mim, é melhor deixar de lado os suéteres e comprar só blusas de frente única e shortinhos. Por causa das asas e cauda.
- Acho que iremos precisar das suas novas medidas. – diz a mãe de Candy. Melhor incluir uma fita métrica na bagagem, para que vocês tirem as suas medidas, anotem tudo e depois entreguem para nós.
- Ótima ideia! – diz o pai da menina coreana, enquanto Grenda sussurra constrangida no ouvido da mãe:
- Como não tenho mais pernas, eu não posso usar mais calcinhas. Então, compre só blusas compridas para mim!
A mãe acena afirmativamente e é nesse momento que Dipper reúne toda a coragem para fazer uma declaração antes da partida das garotas-monstro.
- Wendy, eu quero lhe dizer algo muito importante.
- Sim, o que é? – pergunta ela curiosa, olhando para baixo.
- Eu gosto muito de você! E os meus sentimentos não mudaram por causa da sua transformação.
Manly Dan põe a mão no ombro do menino e pergunta:
- Está dizendo que gosta da minha filha, mesmo ela sendo uma garota-lobo?
- Sim senhor! Sem nenhuma dúvida! – diz o garoto com determinação, antes de ser erguido do chão por Wendy que lhe dá um abraço apertado, quase sufocando-o nos seis fartos enquanto diz bastante emocionada:
- Querido Dipper! Eu já tive vários namorados, mas nenhum deles me disse algo tão lindo! Isso realmente significa muito para mim!
E com essas palavras, ela dá um longo e apaixonado beijo no menino, antes de coloca-lo outra vez no chão. Vermelho como uma cereja, Dipper consegue apenas falar:
- Uau!
Ao verem a cena todos dão risadinhas exceto Soos, que sem entender nada, apenas coça a cabeça.
 Segurando Waddles nos braços, Mabel diz:
- Pequena P, leve as outras! Vamos todas retornar por via aérea!
A pequena criaturinha invoca um de seus poderes misteriosos e quando Mabel decola P a acompanha erguendo Wendy, Grenda e Candy. O grupo de adultos fica olhando em silêncio, enquanto as garotas-monstros desaparecem na escuridão da noite.
   A ironia maior estava por vir. Após fugir das garotas-monstro, o grupo de universitárias havia se perdido ao entrar numa estrada secundária e ao passar numa ponte de madeira, esta não aguenta o Land Rover com oito garotas dentro e o piso quebra. O peso mal distribuído no lado de dentro, com três pessoas na frente e cinco atrás faz a traseira afundar, enquanto o capô se ergue. Cada vez que alguém tentava se mexer, toda a ponte rangia.
 Ás nove horas da manhã seguinte, a ponte desaba e o carro cai. Todas gritam em pânico, com a certeza de que iriam morrer. Mas o carro para subitamente no meio do caminho. Com o tranco, a porta no lado traseiro direito se abre. Uma garota pequena de cabelos louro-cinza com blusa rosa e short marrom, a outra uma japonesa de cabelos pretos e olhos azuis com biquíni azul turquesa, que não estavam com cinto de segurança por terem se sentado no colo das amigas, caem no rio que passava abaixo. Com o forte impacto contra a água, desmaiam.
As outras gritam horrorizadas mas é nesse momento que a Pequena P surge no lado direito e Mabel no esquerdo, dizendo enquanto Wendy e Grenda passam ao lado:
- Fiquem calmas! As minhas amigas Lupa e Naga G irão salvar as suas!
Mabel havia bolado o apelido de Wendy a partir de uma revista encontrada no Abrigo Seguro, dizendo que Lupa era um nome latino significando “mulher-lobo”. Para Grenda, apenas havia colocado naga seguido da inicial do primeiro nome da amiga.
As duas garotas-monstro mergulham no rio, salvam as duas universitárias antes que se afogassem e vão para a margem. Dali, Wendy grita:
 Mabel diz, apontando para baixo:
- Pequena P, traga-as para cima, junto com essas que estão no carro!
A pequena criatura obedece e logo, põe todas em segurança de volta na estrada, alguns metros antes da ponte, onde Wendy olha para o grupo e diz:
- Não fique paradas aí como um bando de patetas, olhando para nós! As suas amigas quase se afogaram! Façam os primeiros-socorros!
Ainda espantadas e com vergonha da própria apatia, as outras garotas saem do Land Rover e prestam a ajuda necessária. Depois ficam juntas olhando par as suas salvadoras sem saber o que atitude tomar. Wendy diz:
- É melhor voltarem para onde estavam, para pegar os seus pertences e o outro carro, antes que alguém os roube!
- Nós só comemos a refeição que estavam preparando. – diz Candy.
- E pegamos algumas de suas roupas, porque como devem estar lembradas, estávamos em trapos! – diz Grenda.
- Sem.. problema! – responde uma garota de olhos verdes e cabelos castanhos em estilo rastafári. Mabel diz.
- Gostaria de pedir desculpas pelo susto ontem á tarde. Acho que tudo foi apenas um mal-entendido! Mas não deixam que aquilo, e mais esse susto de hoje atrapalhem as suas férias!
Nesse momento, ela percebe que a Pequena P está flutuando diante de uma garota robusta, de cabelo castanho dourados e olhos verde-claro, que estava de short verde musgo e sutiã vermelho, cutucando-a nos seios fartos, enquanto emitia breves zumbidos.
A universitária (capitã do time de atletismo) estava constrangida. Porém, ao mesmo tempo, achava aquela pequena criatura de aspecto fantasmagórico tão fofa e com um olhar tão inocente, que não conseguia sentir medo ou raiva. Mabel chama-lhe a atenção.
 - Sim Pequena P, nós podemos ver que ela é peituda como a Lupa! Agora pare com isso, porque temos de ir embora.
Candy, Grenda e Wendy rumam para a floresta. E enquanto decola, com Pequena P voando a seu lado, Mabel dizendo:
- Continuem por aqui! A região de Gravity Falls é muito bonita, e repleta de coisas legais!
Uma universitária de cabelos louro-branco arrumado numa trança grossa curta com franja sobre a testa, olhos azul-escuro usando óculos redondos de aro dourado diz, enquanto olha as garotas-monstro irem embora:
- Mais legal do que isso, impossível!

     Desse modo, logo se espalha a lenda sobre um grupo de garotas-monstro vivendo em algum lugar das densas florestas de Gravity Falls, ajudando turistas perdidos ou em perigo.
Ava e Betty se mudam para outra cidade, devido ao remorso que sentiam por terem deixado Pacífica ir sozinha ao encontro do perigo. Além disso, elas e seus pais temiam por represálias da família Northwest.Bud Gleeful e sua esposa saem do estado do Oregon, indo para algum lugar no leste. Stanford enriquece vendendo todo tipo de material sobre as garotas-monstro de Gravity Falls, como Mabel havia previsto. Dipper cresce investigando mistério depois se forma em parapsicologia e ocultismo. Com o tempo, desenvolve autênticos poderes místicos.
Conhece uma garota de cabelos castanho-avermelhados, olhos verdes e belos peitões chamada Lunete, que pertencia a uma antiga linhagem de bruxas que usavam seus poderes para combater as forças do mal. Desfrutam de uma longa vida,repleta de aventuras estranhas e surpreendentes. Seus três filhos(um menino e duas meninas)recebem os nomes de Stanford,Mabel e Wendy.
 Bill Cipher e Gideão jamais foram vistos outra vez.


Gravity Falls.The Monster-Girls
Two weeks ago, I take part a Halloween contest, with a story. Unfortunately, I could not finish the translation in time.
  Anyway, here is my work: I´m a Gravity Falls fan. So,I did a  Halloween adventure with the girls from this series. In it, the life of Mabel, her friends (and an enemy) takes a completely different way, because of the obsessive love of Li´l Gideon, Bill Cipher, and some magic talismans.
So,with you ... The Gravity Falls Monster-Girls!

Gravity Falls.As Garotas-Monstro

Duas semanas atrás, entrei num concurso de Halloween com o objetivo de participar dele com uma história. Infelizmente, não consegui terminar a tradução a tempo.

 De qualquer jeito, eis o meu trabalho: uma aventura de Halloween com as garotas de Gravity Falls, série da qual eu sou fã. Nela, a vida de Mabel, suas amigas(E uma inimiga) toma um rumo totalmente diferente, devido ao amor obsessivo de Gideãozinho, Bill Cipher, e alguns talismãs mágicos usados do jeito errado.

Então com vocês... As Garotas-Monstro de Gravity Falls!



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Favourite Cartoon Characters: Batman.Kenshin Himura.Jade Chan.Raven(Teen Titans)Chizuru Minamoto(Kanokon)
Personal Quote: Write fanfics.Do one camping set (Maybe two).

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